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Phoenix NAP Launches Secured Cloud Offering

Data center service provider Phoenix NAP today released Secured Cloud, an Infrastructure as a Service offering featuring enterprise hardware on the back-end and a flexible interface that allows customers to easily create “white label” clouds for resellers. Read More

ODCA: Enterprise Cloud Adoption Accelerating


The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) says its members are deploying cloud computing technologies more quickly than initially anticipated, reflecting growing confidence in cloud adoption in the enterprise. The group also announced collaborations with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF). Read More

HP’s Project Moonshot Targets Low-Power Servers


In the increasingly competitive battle to sell servers for “hyper-scale” data centers running armadas of servers, HP has turned to next-generation chip company Calxeda to power a new line of servers. It’s part of a broader HP initiative to develop low-power, many-core servers known as Project Moonshot. Read More

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