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Inside the PDI i-Con Modular Data Center

Power Distribution Inc. (PDI) recently deployed one of its new i-Con Modular Data Centers at the new Pelio & Associates facility in Santa Clara, Calif. In this video, we get a guided tour of the i-Con container and an overview of its design features. Read More

Supercomputers, HPC and Visualization

High-impact science – understanding cancer and predicting hurricanes – is enabled by high performance computing (HPC). Kelly Gaither, of the Texas Advanced Computing Center, talks about HPC and pushing the envelop to address problems that could help society. Read More

A Crash Course in CRAC Cooling

In this video, SoftLayer “Social Media Ninja” Kevin Hazard gives a basic explanation of how data center CRAC units work, along with a walk-around demonstration of airflow within a hot aisle/cold aisle raised-floor environment. Read More

Assembling A Cray XT5 Supercomputer

The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre’s video captures the process of upgrading its supercomputer to a Cray XT5, dubbed the “Monte Rosa.” It is the most powerful supercomputer in Switzerland and one of the largest high performance computing (HPC) systems worldwide. Read More

Video: Helsinki’s Underground Data Center

One of the world’s most unusual data centers is located 30 meters below a cathedral in Helsinki. It uses cold sea water in its cooling system, while the waste heat produced by the servers is piped via a heat pump into the district heating network to heat Helsinki buildings and the residents’ domestic hot water. Read More

Late Night Comics Have Sport With Watson

Watson replaces Conan sidekick Andy Richter.

The IBM Jeopardy Challenge has captured the public’s imagination. That includes the joke writers on late night comedy shows, who featured Watson in some of their monologues and skits this week. Here’s a sampling from Conan O’Brien, Jon Stewart and David Letterman. Read More

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