Data Center Videos

Inside A Direct Edge Data Center

This video provides an overview of the data center for the electronic exchange Direct Edge housed at the Telx Business Financial Exchange (BFX) facility in Clifton, N.J. Read More

Video: NTT’s Hong Kong Data Center

In this video, NTT Communications provides a look inside its data centre in the Tai Po section of Hong Kong. The dedicated data center facility houses tenants on five of its seven floors. Read More

Tim O’Reilly: Navigating The New Cloud Era

Tim O’Reilly has seen lots of emerging technologies integrated into everyday use. In this video, O’Reilly discusses the potential for cloud applications to accelerate innovation, as well as the challenges in navigating the “uncharted waters” of privacy and security. Read More

Data Center Monitoring With Modius

Modius is a San Francisco company that makes monitoring software for IT infrastructure. In this video, CEO Craig Compiano provides an overview of Modius and the market for monitoring software. Read More

Capturing Utility Rebates for Data Centers

In this video, Adam Fairbanks and Coy Stine from Bluestone Energy Services discuss the market for utility incentives for data centers, and how Bluestone works with data center operators to capture rebates for efficiency improvements in their facilities. Read More

Third-Party Staffing for Data Centers

At Data Center World we spoke with John Lee, CEO of Lee Technologies, a leading player in the business of supplying third-party staff to manage corporate data centers. In this video, Lee discusses factors influencing companies to consider staffing specialists. Read More

A Closer Look at Emerson’s SmartAisle

In this video, Emerson’s Fred Stack provides an overview of the SmartAisle, a new enclosure system that combines cold-aisle containment, in-row cooling and management tools to offer data center managers greater control over temperature and energy use in their environments. Read More

Rackspace’s Lew Moorman on ‘Cloud Fatigue’

How can cloud computing survive the current hype cycle? Perhaps by addressing it directly, as Lew Moorman of Rackspace does in this video. “I think everyone is tired of the cloud,” he says. “But it is absolutely the new reality.” Read More

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