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Most Popular Videos: Supercomputing

We continue our look at the most-watched videos in the data center sector with a look at the Most Popular Supercomputing Videos, including one which provides a glimpse inside the NSA’s supercomputing center. Read More

A Closer Look at SeaMicro’s Technology

In this video, SeaMicro CEO and co-founder Andrew Feldman discusses the company’s vision for low-energy servers, the innovations it has developed in pursuit of that goal (especially the role of the networking fabric) and the roadmap for SeaMicro’s technology. Read More

Strangeloop: Accelerating Mere Mortals

Strangeloop Networks is focused on site optimization for smaller organizations that may not be able to afford an army of developers. In this video, company President Joshua Bixby explains Strangeloop’s technology and how it works.
Read More

A Day in the Life of A Facebook Engineer

What’s it like working as an engineer on one of the world’s busiest web sites? At Velocity 2010, Facebook System Engineer Tom Cook provided a glimpse inside the operations team with his “Day in the Life” presentation. Read More

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