AMD to Acquire Server Innovator SeaMicro

In a bold move to boost its position in next-generation servers, AMD will acquire low-power server specialist SeaMicro for $334 million, the companies said today. The acquisition is a disruptive one for the low-power server landscape, as SeaMicro has been using Intel chips. Read More

Inside the New Data Center Supply Chain

In recent years Google and Facebook have developed customer server designs and turned to original design manufacturers (ODMs) to build them. This trend has created some new opportunities within the supply chain. Read More

How Many Data Centers? Emerson Says 500,000

How many data centers are there in the world? Emerson Network Power says there’s enough data center space in the world to fit 5,955 football fields. The information was included in a year-end round up of industry statistics. Read More

Calxeda Unveils Low-Power Servers, Deal With HP

Calxeda has unveiled low-power server technology adapted from cell phones that will serve as the cornerstone of a new line of servers for HP. Calxeda’s EnergyCore is based on ARM chips and consumes about 5 watts of power, which could allow data center operators to dramatically slash their power usage for some applications.
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