Tilera Doubles Down on Density

A wafer displaying Tilera chips. The company announced plans to double the number of chip cores on a processor every two years.

Chip maker Tilera has teamed with Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc. on a new server that will allow data center operators to pack up to 10,000 cores in a rack consuming less than eight kilowatts of power, the company said Tuesday. Read More

Roundup: SeaMicro’s New SM10000 Server

SeaMicro’s introduction of a new server that runs on Intel’s low-power Atom chips triggered a lot of coverage and discussion. Here’s a roundup of some of the notable commentary and analysis from around the web. Read More

Second Generation Intel Atom Unveiled

On Tuesday Intel unveiled its newest Intel Atom processor-based platform, formerly known as Moorestown. The Atom platform has been repartitioned into three groups which all significantly lower power. Read More

Processor Roundup: Intel, AMD, ARM, Agnilux

The processor is the building block of the data center. And it’s been a sector in flux, with a series of recent announcements of new technology and capabilities, acquisitions and rumors of acquisitions. Here’s a roundup. Read More

AMD Roundup: Opteron Series 6000 Release

A picture The Magny-Cours Die used in the AMD 6000 processor.

AMD announced the availability of the Opteron 6000 Series platform Monday, featuring the world’s first 8- and 12-core x86 processor. The new series addresses workload-specific performance and power efficiency, while delivering more cores and memory at a lower price point. Read More

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