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Decrease Your Costs By Improving DCIM

Through maintaining maximum data center availability, data center operators can avoid the significant costs associated with dysfunction and outages. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software is rolling in to many data center stratgies, allowing operations managers to identify, locate, and manage all physical data center assets, as well as manage capacity and streamline moves, adds and changes. Read More

The Enterprise Data Center as a Microgrid

With increases in energy costs and usage, the opportunities for the creation of industries in and around energy are booming. One result of these increases is the Smart Grid, a term symbolizing the green movement in the US economy and global community. The microgrid, a portion of smart grid, finds its idea environment within the “enterprise class” data center. Read More

Applying DCIM in Colocation Data Centers

This white paper from explains the value of Data Center Infrastructure Management for colocation providers. First, it discusses the colocation market, and how DCIM optimizes IT staff productivity, enables growth, and guarantees bandwidth. Next, it provides and introduction to DCIM, explaining the importance of the ability to gain insight into current infrastructure to maintain efficient power usage, capacity, and costs. Read More

Rethinking Core Economics of Network Growth

With growing broadband traffic projections, service providers are forced to balance network capacity and operational costs constantly. This white paper from Alcatel-Lucent quantifies the operational cost advantages of the Alcatel-Lucent 7950 XRS in relation to traditional core routing alternatives in the form of a financial study. Read More

The Benefits of Website Performance Optimization

Website performance has a great impact on revenue, with issues like page delays resulting in significant profit decreases. Website Performance Optimization (WPO) technologies are frequently utilized by organizations to boost reliability, availability, and the bottom line. Read More

Colocation Buyer’s Guide

Small businesses and large organizations all experience difficulty managing their IT infrastructure at some point. Colocation provides these businesses with the ability to take advantage of shared power infrastructure, HVAC systems, physical security and redundant architecture. It allows for quick expansion, bypassing desing and construction of new data centers. Read More

What Lies Ahead for the Future of DCIM?

The future of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software is very bright indeed, with research analysts predicting growth to as high as 60 percent penetration by 2015. Although there are some large players in the sector, there are also a number of smaller vendors who may very well impact the market. Read More