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Kevin Normandeau, is a veteran of the technology publishing industry having worked at a variety of technology sites including PC World; AOL Computing; Network World; and International Data Group (IDG). Kevin lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two sons. When he is not in front of the computer (which is most of the time) he likes to get out to ski, hike and mountain bike.

Why DCIM, Why Now.

Barry J. Needle, President, AGO Research, in a paper sponsored by Power Analytics provides a look into what data center infrastructure management is and why it is the key to managing the data center of the future. DCIM, as he explains, comprises systems performance management and building management systems. This paper focuses on systems performance and DCIM tools.
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5 Tips for Virtual SMB Backup and Recovery

The Small to Medium Business (SMB) faces many challenges in resource allocation. among them is administering backup and recovery. Bring virtualization into the mix and even more pieces are added to the puzzle. In this whitepaper Quest Software addresses these issues and offers five sound suggestions to the SMB Data Center professional Read More

The How To of Virtualization Backup

The Inherent issue with the data center professional for the small to medium business (SMB) is the “many hats” syndrome. The SMB rarely has a specialized IT team and this leads to challenges in dealing with highly technical issues such as virtualized backup and recovery. Read More

DCIM: Ten Steps to Data Center Efficiency

This whitepaper from Emerson Network Power offers a systematic explanation on how to increase efficiency and availability through Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). Between sheer growth and server consolidation the need for energy management has never been greater and trends point to ever more consumption. Read More

The Cost of Data Center Cooling

Data center cooling is a constant issue in both initial design and evolution. But a greater issue is the expense in dealing with the challenge. Beyond the cost of buying, installing and power the CRACs (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units is the very real expense of consulting. Read More

Aberdeen Research: Quantifying Downtime

With limited budgets and so many initiatives how do you request money for disaster recovery? You will find an answer in this Aberdeen Research entitled “Data center Downtime, How Much Does It Really Cost?,” which is enlightening in several respects. Read More

How to Resolve Ground Relay Tripping

Power Expert Reza Tejali, in his continuing series of articles for Schneider Electric takes a real world case and breaks it down for the Data Center Professional. This technical whitepaper will prove valuable for those concerned with incoming power distribution to their data center. Read More

Evaluating HP’s Thermal Logic

Are you running a large data center servicing more than 50 end users? If so then energy is as much an issue as your hardware. Often the two seem to be separate challenges but HP has developed systems that inherently complement each other. This IDC technical brief highlights the importance of and practical benefits behind HP’s Thermal Logic. Read More