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John Rath is a veteran IT professional and regular contributor at Data Center Knowledge. He has served many roles in the data center, including support, system administration, web development and facility management.

NEC Launches SDN Application Center

Network cabling at an Equinix data center (Photo: Equinix)

NEC Corp. unveiled its SDN Application Center, which includes SDN solutions built upon customers’ chief network concerns. NEC will provide APIs to help organizations proactively and automatically manage, secure and optimize their networks through their SDN solutions. Read More

Cray Offers Air-Cooled Version of its XC30 Supercomputer


Cray announced a new addition to its XC30 systems, with the XC30-AC (air-cooled) supercomputer. The new model includes all of the advanced high performance computing (HPC) technologies offered in the Cray XC30 system, and features aggressive price points intended to attract a new a class of HPC users — the technical enterprise. Read More