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John Rath is a veteran IT professional and regular contributor at Data Center Knowledge. He has served many roles in the data center, including support, system administration, web development and facility management.

Hollywood’s Render Farms Move to the Cloud

Last night’s Academy Awardsceremony provided reminders that even Hollywood can not escape the cloud computing trend, as the powerful render farms of computers that make animated films and incredible visual effects take to the clouds to power the movies. Read More

Transphorm Targets Data Center Power Losses

Data center operators have spent years working on ways to reduce energy losses during power conversions as electricity makes its way from the utility grid to the servers. Stealthy startup Transphorm is attacking this problem, with backing from Google Ventures. Read More

Roundup: QTS, Force 10, nlyte, Nimsoft

Eze Castle will use QTS colocation space in NY-NJ region, Force 10 switches deployed by Belvedere Trading in an ultra-low-latency network, nylte Software helping Exelon with Green IT initiatives and Nimsoft selected by DataCenter Finland Oy for monitoring application behavior. Read More

Juniper Stratus Offers Streamlined Network

After years of planning, Juniper has launched its “Project Stratus” offering with the unveiling of the Juniper QFabric Wednesday. QFabric delivers on Juniper’s 3-2-1 data center architecture, collapsing the traditional three-layer network down to a single, high-performance layer. Read More