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Jerry Gentry is a research analyst for Nemertes Research.

Getting Control of Application Development

Application development has a profound impact on data center efficiency and costs. New application deployments, releases of new versions, and maintenance updates all require more hardware, more facilities space and change management. Read More

Diversity Counts in Disaster Preparedness

Using Sandy as the impetus, review your disaster plans. It’s a good time to start the dialog with your business partners to understand what is important to them and what IT components make it happen. It’s a good idea to update and diversify your approach to recovering from a disaster . Read More

Sandy’s Lessons About Disaster Recovery

Were you ready for Sandy? Sure it was downgraded from hurricane to tropical storm, but it still had a devastating effect. For those of use who manage data centers, that impact had many layers. Let me start at the core and work my way out.

Read More

Big Data vs. Sparse Data

Big Data and Sparse Data represent how decision making information will be captured in the future. They will become the vehicles for cloud computing to take the next step. An example: Google Maps and Apple Maps. Read More

The New Measurement Model

Analytics seem to be all the rage these days, probably due to integration. Technology is now an enterprise effort, not just the domain of the IT department. This results in the need for solid numbers to explain what really happens in the data center. Read More

Factors that Lead to Successful Data Center Strategies

With the Nemertes’ benchmark report is nearly complete, a key finding of the report indicates that centralized management is the way most people are handling their infrastructure and this centralization is closely related to the success of the IT department. This article shares insight on this significant result of the survey, prior to the report’s publication. Read More

Sparse Data – The Next Big Thing is Small

As data center managers our role is to manage, protect, service and support the ever expanding information gathering and processing needs of the enterprise. Information used to come to us through computing infrastructure where data was input by data entry and customer service staff. Now data comes from anywhere. Any device capable of holding an IP address can become a source of data that must be captured, stored, analyzed, and archived. Read More