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Seven Tips to Help Keep IT Competitive

Dick Benton Glasshouse

Users like the efficiency, elasticity and customizability they get from public cloud offerings, writes Dick Benton, principal consultant with Glasshouse Technologies. This means IT must deliver those same benefits, and in a way that not only improves the quality of services rendered, but delivers higher productivity levels and, ultimately, more revenue. Read More

Can Your Backup Plan Weather A Hurricane?


In disaster preparedness, the importance of staying ready for a hurricane or any other disaster cannot be understated, because you really never know when one may strike. Blaine Raddon, of Acronis, writes that it’s becoming more important than ever for businesses to feel confident that they know where their critical data is backed up and how to recover it to get business running again. Read More

Virtualization of Data Centers: New Options in the Control and Data Planes


The Data Deluge occurring in today’s content-rich Internet, cloud and enterprise applications is increasing the volume, velocity and variety of information data centers must now process, writes Raghu Kondapalli of LSI Corporation. In response, organizations have begun virtualizing their data centers to become more cost-effective, power-efficient, scalable and agile. Read More

Do You Control Your Data Center or Is It Controlling You?


In the last few years, data center operators seem to be constantly struggling to take control of various aspects of the data center in an effort to attain higher efficiency, writes Ben Eshay of RiT Techologies. One reason why efficiency seems so hard to attain could be the fact that the parameters in all areas of a data center are constantly changing. Read More

Density – More than a Metric (Part 1)


In a data center developer’s parlance, as in physics, the unit of data center density is pretty straightforward – server input power per unit of area – kilowatts per square meter or watts per square foot. There are, however, plenty of other variables that shape a discussion on the topic, writes Tate Cantrell of Verne Global. Read More