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Strategies for the Containerized Data Center

Unlike traditional data centers where there is one core layer and all of the resources are managed as a whole, modular data centers use a distributed core architecture. These containerized data centers can deliver flexibility, reliability, and scalability at a lower cost. Read More

Thinking Cloud? Can You Locate ‘Survey Markers’?

To run applications in a cloud environment, verification is needed. That can be challenging if you don’t own and operate your own cloud assets. If you use hosted or public services, new ways to locate the survey markers will be required. Open Data Center Alliance has a security monitoring usage model which may help. Read More

Cloud Strategy, Pickett’s Charge, and You

You may wonder what a battle fought in the American Civil War has to do with cloud computing. The answer circles back to the second of eight fundamental truths of corporate cloud strategy that is described in this column. Cloud is a top-down architectural framework that binds strategy and solutions development. Read More