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Designing for Dependability in the Cloud


In striving to increase dependability, there’s cultural shifts and evolving engineering principles that Microsoft is using to help improve the dependability of services offered, writes David Bills of Microsoft. The end game is to help customers realize the full potential of the cloud. Read More

March Madness: Lessons for Networks

According to a Harris Interactive poll, 64 percent of Americans watch online video while at work. As employees flocked to watch March Madness, network administrators are focusing on new ways to withstand the increase in demand and keep business applications responsive. writes David White of Ipanema Technologies. Read More

Microsoft’s Journey: Solving Cloud Reliability With Software


Cloud service providers need to move beyond traditional reliance on complex hardware redundancy schemes and instead focus on developing more intelligent software that can monitor, anticipate, and efficiently manage the failure of physical infrastructures, writes David Gautier of Microsoft. When service availability is engineered in more resilient software, there is greater opportunity to materially rethink how the physical data center is engineered. Read More

Building A Cloud-Savvy Model for TCO and ROI


You might be surprised to learn that many large organizations commit to cloud computing without really knowing their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and projected Return on Investment (ROI), writes Ravi Rajagopal of CA Technologies. It’s not that they’re irresponsible and ignoring this requirement. It’s that the tools most IT teams use to evaluate TCO and ROI are inadequate for application to the cloud. Read More