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More Assets, More Complexity Raise the Bar for DCIM

The sheer number of computing assets we could now accommodate in the physical data center, including network devices, applications, servers and storage devices, put more pressure on the day-to-day management practicalities, writes Suvish Viswanathan. This has resulted in the need for more visibility into the data about all these assets. Read More

2014 Will Be The Year That ARM Breaks The x86 Monoculture

With the 2014 introduction of 64-bit low-power ARM SoC-based servers, we can expect to see a more diverse server market, wrties Graeme Caldwell of InterWorx. The data center industry is going to experience huge changes as low-powered servers revolutionize the way we think about data center architecture and efficiency. Read More

Clustering in the Cloud: Has The Holy Grail Arrived?

Cloud economics are so compelling the more data center managers are evaluating what additional applications make sense in the cloud, writes Noam Shendar of Zadara Storage. Yet, there are reasons why proven enterprise-class features are considered as such — because they deliver, reliably, against agreed upon SLAs. Read More

How to Move Bigger Data into the Cloud

While cloud storage does not necessarily meet IT’s growing storage capacity needs, adding cloud-integrated storage into existing NAS or SAN environments makes it relatively easy to relocate data securely into a cloud provider, eliminating the need to maintain an expanding on-premise storage infrastructure, writes Nicos Vekiarides of TwinStrata. Read More

The Snowden Effect and IT Automation’s Role

We’re all aware of the so-called “Snowden Effect,” which essentially highlights what could happen when personal information is released – so how does one continue to compete in an increasingly virtual climate without sacrificing the need to keep information secure? Gabby Nizri of Ayehu Software gives an overview of the current state of the issue. Read More

Colocation Outlook: Smashing the Crystal Ball

Seen as the equivalent of “dipping a toe in the water”, colocation is often viewed as the first step into outsourcing on the “Stairway to the Cloud.” And pay-as-you-go colo may be just the thing to start an organization’s journey into this new consumption-based world, writes Andy Huxtable of Savvis. Read More

Going to the Mall to Buy Some Cloud

What if you could shop for cloud with a plethora of choices from an array of vendors just like you’d find in a farmers market or a modern mall? Mark Thiele of Switch explores the concept of an open marketplace that is be independent from the providers and creates a democratized model of access and purchasing for the buyer. Read More