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DCeP-tive Metrics Are Not Productive

Data Center energy Productivity, abbreviated DCeP, has been the focus of recent attention. Mark Monroe, of DLB Associates, and formerly of the Green Grid, asks if DCeP is really a valuable and useful metric for the data center industry. Read More

Will High Frequency Trading Become A Flash in The Pan?

Given recent events, those salespeople and sales managers should be getting a little concerned, especially if they understand the clients’ business models. Most publicly, the Volcker Rule — part of the Dodd‐Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act — threatens the basic legality of high frequency trading, writes Patrick Mannion of Align. Read More

Optimizing Power System Monitoring and Control

Optimizing power system monitoring and control at a data center can go a long way to helping ensure power reliability – a universal goal of data center management. There are four prevalent sophisticated technologies that can provide key information about the status of onsite power, and Bavesh Patel outlines pros and cons for each. Read More