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How The Cloud Changes Disaster Recovery

There are a lot of benefits with cloud computing – cost-effective resource use, rapid provisioning, scalability and elasticity. This guest columnist asserts that one of the most significant advantages to cloud computing is the sea change it delivers for disaster recovery. Read More

Setting Standards: DC Measurement & Reporting

By agreeing on a common set of industry standards and guidelines, companies can more accurately monitor and measure the energy performance of their data center operations. Better measurement standards are the only way to create a baseline of consumption and effectively set targets for future use. Read More

Two Paths for Data Center Location

When selecting a site for a data center, enterprises are faced with two categories – locations of corporate convenience or more remote locations where resources are cheap and plentiful, the local climate is friendly or increased security is provided. Read More

Cloud Lessons & LeMans Racing

Migration to cloud infrastructure and motor car racing have some interesting parallels. As Henry Ford II found out in 1964, just pulling together a team (solutions framework) with the right skills and components doesn’t mean your plan is fool-proof. Factors outside the framework can still ruin your plans. Read More