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Retrofitting Cold-aisle Cocooning Doesn’t Mean Massive Disruption

Working around infrastructure that has evolved over time makes retrofitting hot/cold aisle containment a challenge. Multiple data and network cable runs, cooling pipes and mismatched cabinets mean many solutions will not work effectively. Mark Hirst of Cannon Technologies looks at the options available to those who want containment, but are not sure if their environment can handle it. Read More

E-commerce Sites Gearing Up for e-Christmas 2012

Even with experienced IT managers charged with steeling their Internet properties against the onslaught of holiday traffic, dozens of major retail sites crashed under the seasonal load last year. Christopher Hill of Hostway shares four core strategies for bulletproofing your site while also keeping it secure. Read More

Benefits of Deploying SFP+ Fiber vs. 10GBase-T


Dramatic growth in data center throughput has led to the increasing usage and demand for higher-performance servers, storage and interconnects. As a result, we are seeing the expansion of higher speed Ethernet solutions, specifically 10 and 40 gigabit Ethernet, writes Bjorn Baera of Mellanox. Read More