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Top 7 Options for Storage Savings in 2012


As we enter 2012, data center and enterprise managers are faced with an array of storage choices—some highly publicized like flash storage, and some, such as WAN optimization—that have become more staid and entrenched. Doug Rainbolt of Alacritech writes about which storage technologies have the best ROI. Read More

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service Options


An increasingly popular option is to put both primary production and disaster recovery instances into the cloud and have both handled by a managed service provider. By doing this enterprises can get all the benefits of cloud computing – from usage-based cost to eliminating on-premises infrastructure, writes Nitin Mishra of NetMagic. Read More

Redesigning the Data Backup Plan


Backup is now required to do more than just “back up.” A data backup plan must provide reliability, recoverability, and value like never before, especially in light of new e-discovery requirements, server virtualization, and tighter budgets. Backup is no longer just an IT function; it involves every department and should be a corporate-wide effort. Read More

Advantages of Disaster Recovery as a Service


Nitin Mishra of NetMagic writes that choosing to go with a cloud disaster recovery service will be governed purely by the business imperative. If an organization has critical applications that should be available within minutes of downtime, it should consider cloud-based DR. Read More