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Data Centers – Build or Outsource?


Careful consideration to core value should drive the decision when determining whether to build or outsource your data center, writes Nitin Mishra of NetMagic. Many enterprises have realized that outsourcing their data centers is the best way to align IT and business in the most cost-effective manner. Read More

Notes from the Road: DCIM User Experience

Gary Bunyan iTRACS

In the fast-paced sector of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), there are dozens of DCIM vendors out there, each with their own products, user interfaces, and claims. For IT executives who are purchasing and using these tools, determining what is truly “usable” can be quite a challenge. Read More

7 Things Your CEO Should Know About the Cloud


Technical teams are still facing challenges in communicating cloud realities to business leaders. Until the CIO and the CEO are “on the same page” about the process to get to the private cloud, many companies could potentially fail to utilize the benefits of cloud. Read More