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Object Storage and the Death Knell of the File System


History is full of examples where people, empires and companies gained more power through their ability to better utilize information than others, writes Tom Leyden, Amplidata. Examples include the invention of script, double bookkeeping, punch cards, or relational databases. Today, we are witnessing the same sea change as Big Data imposes its consequences upon underlying data storage infrastructures.
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Key Questions to Ask Your DCIM Vendor


As companies look to adapt a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tool, many DCIM vendors are asked to complete a proof of concept to the buyer. The Proof of Concept phase should not be quick and sweet but take as long as necessary to understand the tool, writes Ryan Devine of Visual Data Center. Read More

Meeting Security Challenges in Virtualized Data Centers


Virtualization is a key enabler in creating the Next Generation Data Center, allowing IT organizations to transform their current complex, inflexible and expensive systems into an extremely efficient and agile environment that incorporates powerful concepts such as private and hybrid clouds, writes Peter Doggart of Crossbeam. Read More