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Networking: Achieving Simplicity in the Data Center

Mannix O’Connor of MRV Comunications writes about maintaining efficiency and high QoS on a complex, next-generation network. When it comes to high-density transport in the data center, operators can maintain efficiency and high QoS for advanced services, without losing any functionality, by improving the flexibility of their networking tools. It’s time to start doing more with less. Read More

Federation is the Future of the Cloud

A new approach to the cloud – one based on a federated model – will be increasingly important for cloud providers and users alike. The future of the cloud is federated, and when you look at the broad categories of apps moving to the cloud, the truth of this statement begins to become clear, writes CEO and co-founder of OnApp, Ditlev Bredahl. Read More

Tape Backup: An Ironic 60th Anniversary For Tape

Even for organizations that use tape to meet legal requirements for archiving, perhaps this anniversary should serve as a reminder that tape – like the rotary phone or snowy TV reception – is a technology whose time has come and gone, writes Bill Hobbib of Exagrid.. Many of those IT teams suffering from restore failures would probably agree. Read More