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Real Innovation is in the Applications

While 80 percent of power is being consumed by IT equipment in the data center, the other 20 percent is being consumed by the power and cooling infrastructure. Why are we still talking about cooling innovations and overlooking hardware and software trends? Read More

2011 Will Bring Virtualization Options for SMBs

2010 marked a change in the virtualization landscape as the big players saw an untapped market in the small and medium-business (SMB) space. The coming year will mark the turning point for SMBs, as there is an increased availability of solutions designed with these organizations in mind. Read More

The ABCs of WAN Virtualization

WAN Virtualization, which promises to revolutionize the economics of the enterprise WAN, will cut costs for businesses to deploy virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), VoIP, videoconferencing, private clouds, and other modern technologies that support today’s remote office/telecommuter environment. Read More