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Four Myths About Automated Disaster Recovery


Every company knows it needs to prepare for literal storms and figurative ones – the instances of human error, malicious acts and equipment failure that can bring IT down just as surely as a superstorm, writes Ralph Wynn of FalconStor Software. However, there are multiple myths around automated disaster recovery that need to be debunked.
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Smarter Data Center Migrations and Consolidations


When faced with a migration to a new storage platform or consolidation of multiple environments, movement of outdated, abandoned and aged data complicates the process, writes Jim McGann of Index Engines. This value-less data can easily account for 30 – 50 percent of the total capacity. But now new data profiling technology enables data center managers to eliminate data with no business value before a consolidation or migration occurs. Read More

DCIM Integration: Are IT Management Tools Enough?


When it comes to driving value through data center operations, one of the prevailing challenges for facilities and IT alike is a lack of common management tools, writes Lara Greden of CA Technologies. DCIM brings together IT management tools and all the data flows about the data center. Read More

Building Efficient Data Centers


Facility development for smaller operators varies from what the Big Boys at Apple and Google are able to do, says Shawn Mills of Greenhouse Data. Mills kicks off a series on data center construction for the smaller company and how to leverage the experience of an enterprise more scaled to the small or mid-sized business. Read More