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Moving to the Cloud, One App at a Time


Top-notch IT organizations are moving apps to the cloud, because they are realizing that it’s easier to consume quality infrastructure from vendors than to build out increasingly large numbers of assets into their own data centers, writes Josh Crow, of Internap. Read More

Making a Hash of Database Deduplication

IT managers in big data environments know they need deduplication. However, few are aware that inline/hash-based deduplication technologies are not able to efficiently deduplicate multi-stream database data, multiplexed data or data in progressive incremental backup environments, writes Jeff Tofano of SEPATON. Read More

Optimizing Data Center Capital Costs with Intelligent IT

Winston Saunders

While much of the capital cost of a data center is in the IT hardware, the infrastructure alone can cost from $10M to $20M per megawatt, depending on the design and construction of the data center, writes Winston Saunders of Intel. A significant part of that cost (10-20 percent) is the back-up generators, which are put in place as a last line of defense against power failure. The column discusses how power management and data center management tools can be used to reduce the need for generators, thus reducing capital costs. Read More

Optical Networks & Low Latency for Data Centers


The demand for low latency has been a driver for the adoption of optical networks based on Wave Division Multiplexing, writes Linda Faust of Transmode. As services evolve then low latency will continue to become an important factor in a growing portion of applications and data center projects. Read More