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Data Center or Ark? How Bad Weather Causes Construction Chaos


A data center construction project must have a schedule and that schedule must allow for the fact that during a six-month construction period, you’re probably going to run into some less than optimal weather. Chris Curtis of Compass Datacenters writes about running into much more than sub-optimal weather in his latest column on the data center construction process. Read More

Software-Defined Power: The Path to Ultimate Reliability

Clems Pfeiffer Power Assure

Software-Defined Power is emerging as the solution to application-level reliability issues being caused by power problems. Software-Defined Power, like the broader Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), is about creating a layer of abstraction that makes it easier to continuously match resources with changing needs, writes Clemens Pfeiffer of Power Assure. Read More

Are You Suffering from PUE Envy?


You are not alone if you’re experiencing a touch of PUE or budget envy, writes Tom Roberts of AFCOM. recently reported “green fatigue” among data center managers who were tiring of the constant PUE chase. Read More