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Data Center Efficiency: The Past and the Future

Winston Saunders

In the last few years, focus by the data center industry has brought about substantial gains in efficiency. These improvements range from infrastructure to fundamental improvements in computing efficiency, writes Winston Saunders of Intel. What lies ahead for the efficiency-seeking industry? Read More

Six Steps to Improve Data Center Cooling Efficiency


An Uptime Institute study also found that up to 70 percent of data center energy use is for cooling and air handling, so increasing cooling efficiency is vital to reducing costs. Start with the low-hanging fruit. You’ll be surprised how much you can save with a few simple steps, writes Craig Watkins of Tripp Lite. Read More

A Distributed Caching Approach to Server-based Storage Acceleration


Storage I/O is the primary performance bottleneck for most virtualized and data-intensive applications. While processor and memory performance have grown in step with Moore’s Law, storage performance has lagged far behind. This performance gap is further widened by the rapid growth in data volumes that most organizations are experiencing today, writes Marc Leavitt of QLogic. Read More