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Development Diary: A Public Gathering Place?


Development requirements are frequently very open to interpretation, writes Chris Curtis of Compass Data Centers in Day 4 of his developer’s diary. Like so many other things in life, the answers to certain questions can only be derived through actual experience and he shares his experience of the meaning of “public gathering place” and “storm water detention pond” in this installment. Read More

Exascalar 2012: HPC Performance Meets Efficiency

Winston Saunders

The June 2012 Top500 supercomputer list and now the Green500 list have been published, so it’s about time to update the latest Exascalar analysis, which is a methodology to synthesize the information in both the Top500 Performance ranking and the Green500 Efficiency ranking of supercomputers. Winston Saunders of Intel provides insight into what the analysis means. Read More

The Changing Role of the CIO – Part 1


“Is the CIO role really needed today’?” This is one of the questions occupying Fortune 500 companies. On deeper reflection, one will realize that the question is not totally unfounded today, writes Ravi Kumar S, of Infosys. He explores the current state of IT management and its future. Read More

It’s Hurricane Season: Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Ready?

Richard Dolewski

It’s that time again. Hurricane season is upon us, which should always trigger a very important question in the world of IT: “Does our current Disaster Recovery (DR) plan demonstrate confidence to our business that we can recover if needed?” Richard Dolewski, of Velocity Tech, writes on important considerations to be made while creating and testing your plan. Read More

Data Center Development Diary: Meet The Planners


Planning commission meetings are generally a cure for insomina, but Chris Curtis of Compass Datacenters hangs in at the local planning commission to further his project. Day 3 proves educational as he learns about the commission’s requirements for “vegetative screening” and a “public gathering” place on the data center site. Read More

Health Care: What HIPAA Means for Data Centers

Since data centers typically store, transmit or process electronic protected health information (ePHI), they must comply with the HITECH standards and citations to meet HIPAA compliance, writes Mike Klein of Online Tech. His column outlines the considerations for data centers in complying with the health care regulations. Read More

Energy Efficiency in Today’s Data Center


Energy efficiency is where sustainability pays for itself because the return on investment (ROI) for efficiency is measured in weeks or months and not years, writes Ron Vokoun, Gray Construction. Also, using less energy as a whole means less renewable energy will be required to power your data center. Read More