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Understanding the Value and Scope of Data Center Commissioning


Commissioning a data center is the last hurdle and an important one before launching a live data center. Michael Donato of Emerson Network Power explains that one of the biggest challenges for data center managers investing in the commissioning process is the lack of a consistent approach from commissioning firms. Some commissioners primarily provide administrative oversight, creating a pathway for paperwork to flow. Other commissioners adopt a hands-on approach that can include a broad range of phased activities.Michael explains what you need to know to get your facility properly commissioned. Read More

Debunking the Myths and Fears of Converged Infrastructure


As the data center becomes more complex, converged infrastructure (CI) can help simplify the setup and management by minimizing compatibility issues. There are many benefits for converged infrastructure like proven design and speed of deployment; however, change can create a cause for concern within an organization, writea Deepak Kanwar of Zenoss.
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The Modern Data Center: An Integrated World


The data center of yesteryear is no longer enough for businesses today. Businesses, large and small, are in a fast paced competitive landscape right now, regardless of industry. A big driver in this is the fact that technology has truly become part of a business’s competitive advantage, writes Vanessa Alverez of Scalecomputing. Read More

An Overlooked Problem: Dynamic Power Variations


Newly developed servers with energy management capabilities can experience dramatic fluctuations in power consumption with workload level over time – causing a variety of new problems for the design and management of data centers and network rooms, writes Patrick Donovan of Schneider Electric. Read More

Accelerating Oracle RAC Performance with Caching SAN Adapters


Today’s mission-critical database applications, such as Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), feature Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) workloads that demand the highest levels of performance from servers and their associated shared SAN storage infrastructure. The introduction of multi-processor CPUs coupled with virtualization technologies provides the compute resources required to meet these demanding workload requirements within Oracle RAC servers, writes Cameron Brett of QLogic. Read More

Modernizing vs. Revolutionizing


New technologies can be broken down into two categories: those that modernize and those that revolutionize. Modernizing is basically doing the same thing as before, just a little bit faster or little bit easier. Revolutionizing is either eliminating or vastly changing how something is accomplished, writes Matt Henderson of Violin Memory. Read More

Augmenting Power Monitoring and Control at Data Centers

ASCO-Bhavesh Patel

There are several ways to boost reliability and resiliency of emergency/backup power in the face of a utility power outage. One increasingly popular trend is to install advanced power monitoring and control capabilities that take advantage of reporting from a variety of computing devices, writes Bhavesh Patel of ASCO. Read More