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Tower of Babel Invades the Data Center & NOC


In the data center, sometimes progress has been made at the expense of simplicity. Today’s monitoring and management solutions have to “speak” the latest protocols and keep up with rapidly changing industry standards for connectivity. Each data center and NOC now resembles a “Tower of Babel,” with a myriad of device connectivity languages, writes Jeff Klaus of Intel. Read More

What the HIPAA Final Rule Means for Data Centers and Cloud Providers


Data centers and cloud providers servicing the health care industry should take particular note that the Final Rule of HIPAA (that went into effect in March) clarifies that they are officially considered “business associates” under HIPAA and must therefore comply with all applicable privacy and security requirements. Matthew Fischer of the law firm Sedgwick, LLP, explains what data centers and their subcontractors need to do to be in compliance with HIPAA. Read More

Virtualization Acceleration in the Real World


Virtualization sometimes still struggles to deliver on its promise. Companies working to extract more value from virtualization can benefit from combining flash memory with breakthroughs in software caching that support the evolution from caching on physical servers to fully virtual architectures, writes Josh Miner of Fusion-io. Read More

Understanding the Value and Scope of Data Center Commissioning


Commissioning a data center is the last hurdle and an important one before launching a live data center. Michael Donato of Emerson Network Power explains that one of the biggest challenges for data center managers investing in the commissioning process is the lack of a consistent approach from commissioning firms. Some commissioners primarily provide administrative oversight, creating a pathway for paperwork to flow. Other commissioners adopt a hands-on approach that can include a broad range of phased activities.Michael explains what you need to know to get your facility properly commissioned. Read More

Debunking the Myths and Fears of Converged Infrastructure


As the data center becomes more complex, converged infrastructure (CI) can help simplify the setup and management by minimizing compatibility issues. There are many benefits for converged infrastructure like proven design and speed of deployment; however, change can create a cause for concern within an organization, writea Deepak Kanwar of Zenoss.
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