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An Inconvenient (Data Center) Truth

What’s the relationship between data centers and the environment? Considering many unusual data center locations – such as near the Arctic circle or underground caves and bunkers – locations selected demonstrates some of the challenges posed to building and maintaining data centers as a response to both the current environmental landscape and the uncertain environmental future, writes Rick Stevenson of Opengear. Read More

What’s The Key to Providing Mainframe Access for Web and Mobile?

Even with the ubiquitous use of mainframes, “easy access” and “mainframe” are not terms we typically think of as compatible in accessing information. However, using today’s advanced modernization solutions and technologies on the back end, it has become faster and simpler than ever to provide a compelling and engaging mobile experience to users on the front end, writes Dusty Rivers of GT Software. Read More

Navigating New Networking Trends: Beware of the Urge to Over-Engineer

There are many differences between service provider and data center optical networks, but the main areas where data centers can drive efficiency and innovation fall into a few categories. Scott Wilkinson of MRV Communications outlines the areas of significance when building a network that delivers the functionality to support current services while providing a future path to meet growing customer demand. Read More

Fewer Silos For The Files: Managing Cloud Data

Vendors don’t necessarily intend to create information silos, but their limited architecture and short-sighted approach forces users to drag and store all content in their system to make it work. This creates significant barriers for users who want to access their files. Where did they save it, is it the most current version and can they even access it from the road? Jeetu Patel, of EMC Syncplicity, writes about avoiding silos and achieving the true goals of cloud. Read More

Building a Business Case for SDN

Many companies are curious about how software-defined networks can improve their network operations, but no CIO will approve an SDN project without being able to make a business case to the CFO and CEO. In this article, we’ll look at some steps to take to build a business case, writes Steve Garrison of Pica8. Read More