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Ensuring Fast Web Apps in the Cloud

While there are many benefits to using cloud services, one drawback may be cloud downtime and/or slower Web application availability. To address this issue, application delivery controllers (ADCs) help balance loads across multiple cloud platforms. Read More

It’s about Usage Models—Not Technology

The announcement of eight cloud usage models is a very positive move in the direction of secure cloud services that are also open and interoperable. The Open Data Center Alliance developed these from the end-users’ needs, not the vendors, which is the correct approach. Read More

High & Low: Performance & Latency Matter

With higher-bandwidth, lower-latency data centre interconnects, organisations can resolve the apparently contradictory demands of driving down latency, boosting performance and reducing costs by giving organisations access to a wider range of colocation options, and making more space and power available for growth. Read More

Outsourcing Data Centres: The View from Europe

While outsourcing data centre needs is an attractive alternative to constructing your own facility, managers need to consider many options. This column outlines the most important elements to evaluate when outsourcing – location, security, power and cooling, disaster recovery services and connectivity. Read More