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The Sticking Power of Tape Storage in the Age of Big Data

While there was a great deal of experimentation going on in the early days of the computer industry – and while there have been a great number of innovations since – it’s fair to say that the digital storage industry as we know it today would not have occurred without an innovation created by a team of IBM engineers 60 years ago. The innovation enabled the massive calculating machines of the day to save their results digitally on reels of magnetic tape instead of on punch cards, creating entirely new ways to view and gain insight from, digital information, writes Brian Truskowski of IBM. Read More

Retrofitting On-Site Power Systems


Retrofitting, rather than replacing, an on-site power system provides benefits to executives feeling budget pressure, writes Shane Wolfram of SAI Advanced Power Solutions. Retrofitting can enhance reliability and be cost-effective. Read More

Virtualization & the Application Delivery Controller

Due to the impact of virtualization, evaluating an application delivery controller’s ability to support and operate in virtual environments is just as important as evaluating its ability to support load balancing, SSL acceleration, compression, caching, traffic management and security features, writes Paul Andersen of Array Networks. Read More

Unlock Your Capacity By Unplugging Your Ghost Servers

Why are these power-draining assets called “ghost” servers? Because they are ghosts of what a productive server is supposed to be, no longer of any practical use to the business. Whatever the reason, servers that were once useful are now dead weight. They need to be turned off, writes Gary Bunyan of iTRACS. Read More

Four Myths of the Container Data Center Market

Mark Thiele, Switch

Mark Thiele of Switch writes that pre-fabricated containers many not be the answer to every data center need. With aggressive marketing for what many vendors are calling “modular data centers” that he would term PODs or containers, vendors are asking, “Why build a data center when you can buy a POD?” This column covers some of the drawbacks of utilizing PODs. Read More