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Top Five Data Center Issues: DCIM To the Rescue


Making sense of information about the data center from power, cooling, rack space and CPU availability, as well as UPS devices, PDUs, chillers, HVACs, generators, branch circuits, is the role Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools. Sev Onyshkevych of Field View Solutions writes about the common challenges in data center management and how DCIM can be used to address them. Read More

Exascalar Results from November 2012: Part 1

Exascalar defines supercomputing leadership through a combination of Top500 (performance) and Green500 (efficiency) data to understand both evolution and revolution in supercomputing architecture and scale. Winston Saunders of Intel looks at the latest information on efficiency and performance in the top supercomputers in the world. Read More

Trends for 2013: Growth of Virtual Private Suites

Mike Maughan

A virtual private suite is a physically and logically private cloud, whose hardware is owned and managed by the cloud provider, and leased to a single customer. This is a trend that has been developing in 2012 and expected to grow in 2013, writes Mike Maughan of FuseApp and C7 Data Centers. Read More

2013 Predictions for Networks

Atchison Frazer Gnodal

2013 brings with it more innovations in the networking world. As demands for faster and bigger connections continue apace, the technology will be evolving to meet that demand. Atchison Frazer of Gnodal predicts the outlook for networking in 2013. Read More

2013: The Year IT Becomes Invisible


Virtualization and cloud have been through the hype cycle, and, moving forward, we’re finally going to see the full potential for more scalable, reliable and cost-efficient IT services. But, with Big Data and Bring-Your-Own-Device complicating things, IT has a serious task ahead to keep things running smoothly and to keep users from circumventing its control, writes Scott Crenshaw of Acronis, in this look at the trends for the new year. Read More