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It’s That Time of Year: How to Prepare Your Data Center for 2014


How do you optimize your environment for 2014? Given the continued focus on improving computer room cooling efficiency and that the typical data center today has cooling capacity that is nearly four times the IT load, data centers could reduce their operating expense by an average of $32,000 annually simply by improving airflow management, writes Lars Strong of Upsite. Read More

Smart Equation for Emergency Power at Data Centers: Code + Common Sense


For data centers, which rely on a steady and reliable stream of electricity, power interruption can be extremely costly and, in some cases, damaging to a facility’s reputation, writes Bhavesh Patel of ASCO. When building new data centers, owners and decision makers involved in the design, construction and operation of the facilities should look beyond code to decide where to place electrical components to ensure reliability of emergency backup power in the face of an extreme weather event. Read More

An Integrated Approach to DCIM: A Parallel Evolution in Data Center Facilities Management


Data center managers pay as much attention to monitoring, managing and maintaining the physical systems – power, cooling, and so on – that support the IT equipment as IT managers do to their IT assets. And just as IT management has evolved to deal with the increasing complexity of the IT environment itself, so too has data center facilities management evolved to deal with the complexities involved in that world, writes Suvish Viswanathan of ManageEngine. Read More

Top 5 Data Center Power Monitoring Best Practices


Even if your organization is well-informed about the value of branch circuit power monitoring, and you are committed to doing it right, you might be curious about the best ways to choose and implement a power monitoring system, writes Jon Trout of TrendPoint. He outlines five best practices to follow when selecting and deploying a system. Read More

Legacy Systems: Tried and True Systems Whose Time Has Come


In an era of technology evolution and sometimes turmoil, there are unexpected islands of calm populated by extremely stable legacy hardware systems. Ironically, some of these oldest citizens of the data center also happen to be the most stable and secure, writes Duane Harris of Nemonix. The extended value these legacy systems still generate in modern computing is a story worth noting—and perhaps learning from. Read More