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Creating End-User Mobility Policies


While the Age of Bring-Your-Own-Device has arrived, the implementation is where the underlying challenges start. With all of these devices, how does an IT department manage the data being delivered and how can they continue to provide a powerful end-user experience? Bill Kleyman of MTM Technologies explores the points to consider when deploying a BYOD platform across the enterprise.
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How a Robot Can Simplify Data Center Management


With increased reliance on data centers, full software and hardware robotics automation is no longer a question of if, but a matter of when. Srinivasa Vivek of EMC offers a look at an inexpensive robot that automatically maps and navigates a data center, collects temperature, humidity and other data. Read More

Four Myths About Automated Disaster Recovery


Every company knows it needs to prepare for literal storms and figurative ones – the instances of human error, malicious acts and equipment failure that can bring IT down just as surely as a superstorm, writes Ralph Wynn of FalconStor Software. However, there are multiple myths around automated disaster recovery that need to be debunked.
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