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Meet the Future of Data Center Rack Technologies

Rack prototype was unveiled at Open Compute Summit. Intel’s photonic rack architecture, and the underlying Intel silicon photonics technologies, will be used for interconnecting the various computing resources within the rack. (Photo by Intel.)

At last month’s Open Compute Summit, Intel (a founding member of the Open Compute Project) announced its collaboration with Facebook where we are defining next-generation rack technologies and how they will be enabled, writes Raejeanne Skillern of Intel. As part of this collaboration, the two companies unveiled a mechanical prototype that includes photonic rack architecture. Read More

Navigating Data Center Performance Challenges With KPIs (Part 2)


David Appelbaum of Sentilla writes about data center metrics in the second part of a two-part series highlighting which metrics data center professionals use to provide visibility into data center infrastructure and to support intelligent decision-making. Relevant metrics show not only what’s happening in your data center today, but also how performance relates to other parts of the data center and to your costs. Read More

An RX for Enterprise Big Data Success


Realizing the value of Big Data today demands more than technology. It requires the vision, experience and know-how necessary to see Big Data as a strategic opportunity and to leverage it across an enterprise, writes Paul Barth of New Vantage Partners. Read More

A Forgotten Data Center Cost: Lost Capacity


Given the stakes, why isn’t much being said about lost capacity? asks Sherman Ikemoto of Future Facilities North America. Because these losses are due to fragmentation of infrastructure resources – space, power, cooling and networking – that build slowly and imperceptively early in the data center life span. Read More

Get Hands-On Practice With GNS3

How does a network engineer or aspiring network engineer get hands-on practice? One solution is GNS3, which is a free tool available for download. Keith Barker, consultant and trainer, explains how its used and tips and tricks for getting the most out of GNS3. Read More