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Understanding IT Risks


Most IT risk comes from failure of the enterprise to properly oversee or govern its projects, not from technical or low-level people issues. Hani Elbeyali of Dell writes on how to further your understanding of IT risks to lead to better management of potential issues. Read More

Mind the IT Skills Gap and the STEM Cliff!


However, the demographic “time bomb” is about more than the loss of programmers who know COBOL or of test engineers who know transaction processing. There’s also been a major shift in how companies organize their IT staffs, and their roles and skill sets, writes Bob Supnik of Unisys. Read More

Meet the Future of Data Center Rack Technologies

Rack prototype was unveiled at Open Compute Summit. Intel’s photonic rack architecture, and the underlying Intel silicon photonics technologies, will be used for interconnecting the various computing resources within the rack. (Photo by Intel.)

At last month’s Open Compute Summit, Intel (a founding member of the Open Compute Project) announced its collaboration with Facebook where we are defining next-generation rack technologies and how they will be enabled, writes Raejeanne Skillern of Intel. As part of this collaboration, the two companies unveiled a mechanical prototype that includes photonic rack architecture. Read More