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WAN Orchestration Leveraging Big Data

We are entering an era of branch office and cloud connectivity where a single static WAN resource will not be able to provide service levels that organizations demand from their networks, writes Dr. Cahit Akin of Mushroom Networks. WAN orchestration is a powerful concept that will help facilitate the understanding, re-engineering and management of the enterprise WAN networks. Read More

Data Integration for the Mobile Age

Until recently, a single data storage location was sufficient, writes Frank Huerta of TransLattice. However, due to the distributed nature of users today and increasing data location regulations, the traditional method of storing data no longer meets business needs. Read More

Ensuring Your Cloud Provider Meets Your Business Needs

When looking to the cloud, the goal for any business is to identify a solution provider that meets and exceeds the needs and goals that are already in place, writes Christopher Stark of Cetrom. To ensure your company’s needs are met, the following tips should be considered when evaluating a cloud solution provider. Read More

Architecting the Right Cloud Stack for Your Enterprise

With cloud being a vast and rapidly evolving ecosystem, the most crucial mistake an enterprise can make is to assume that all solutions that fall in a given category are equivalent, writes Sebastian Stadil of Scalr. And while that realization can quickly make the architecture process overwhelming, we help break it down with a set of questions for each cloud layer. Read More