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Third Key to Brokering IT Services Internally: Create Your Own Menu of Services

Dick Benton Glasshouse

Creating the catalog: to compete with the public cloud provider, the internal cloud provider or IT department needs to be able to offer a Web-based capability for consumers to peruse the available offerings, and to select the offering and quantity of their choice, writes Dick Benton of Glasshouse Technologies. This is the third in a series of seven tips for IT departments setting up cloud services. Read More

Retrofitting Cold-aisle Cocooning Doesn’t Mean Massive Disruption

Working around infrastructure that has evolved over time makes retrofitting hot/cold aisle containment a challenge. Multiple data and network cable runs, cooling pipes and mismatched cabinets mean many solutions will not work effectively. Mark Hirst of Cannon Technologies looks at the options available to those who want containment, but are not sure if their environment can handle it. Read More