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Optimizing Energy Savings in Federal Data Centers


Through an Energy Savings Performance Contract, federal data centers can attain both consolidation and energy efficiency goals that may have been out of reach under the current fiscal constraints, writes Jay Owen of Schneider Electric. Data center managers also gain access to the best technologies and custom-tailored solutions to deliver greater efficiency and optimal performance. Read More

The Human Cost of Data Backup Sprawl


Many large enterprise data centers have taken an “add another system” approach to dealing with rapid backup data growth, writes Eric Silva of Sepaton. With this approach, they have simply added more single-node, disk-based backup targets every time they run out of capacity, or fail to meet their backup windows. Read More

What Does Cloud Computing 2.0 Look Like?


Most in the tech industry have seen what defines Cloud Computing 1.0. Pete Johnson of ProfitBricks writes that while it’s better than traditional hosting, it’s still not all it could be. Not by a long shot. He explains what Cloud Computing 2.0 looks like. Read More