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Revisiting the Dollars and Sense of Storage


The challenge facing our digital world is that the binary bits storing all our information still need to live somewhere in a physical state. Enter NAND flash memory, the high-capacity super medium used to power IT systems in data centers across the globe, writes Ajay Nilaver. Read More

2014 is the Year Servers Get ‘Smart,’ Hybrid Cloud Grows Up


While both public and private cloud deployments are on the rise, it’s hybrid cloud environments that currently provide organizations with cloud computing’s best benefits–- a trend that will shift in 2014 as the next generation of dedicated servers, or “smart servers,” evolve to offer all of hybrid cloud’s core qualities, but manageable as one environment, writes Robert Miggins of Peer 1 Hosting. Read More

Beyond the SLA: Choosing a Financially Sound Cloud Provider


Cloud provider shutdowns raise two vital questions. How do companies escape from a sinking cloud? And more importantly, how do they choose a provider who is financially stable and won’t shut down their cloud services in the first place? Shawn Mills of Greenhouse Data considers how to select a financially sound cloud vendor. Read More

How the Cloud Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Encryption


Because of the nature of our jobs and the mission critical importance of the IT systems we support, it’s no surprise we’re a bunch of worriers, writes Mike Klein of Online Tech. For those of us who work in data centers for companies in regulated industries, security has a special place atop the list of things to worry about. Encryption is one of those security steps that’s required by regulation, and makes sense to ease security worries. Read More

Considerations for Data Center Owners When Partnering With Modular Builders

Stephen Madaffari

The data center industry has vastly diverse offerings and often use alternate meanings of the word “modularity.” This article is intended to help guide owners through the process of partnering with a modular construction provider to ensure they achieve their desired product outcome and return on investment from a modular builder, writes Stephen Madafarri of Data Centers Delivered. Read More

Google Glass: A Vision of the Future for Data Center Maintenance


When fitted with safety lenses, Google Glass provides a great opportunity to revolutionize the way data center technicians perform their daily tasks. When dedicated maintenance and repair applications are developed, the data center technician will directly connect to the maintenance database when completing usual maintenance activities, and more, writes Jeffrey Dutschke of Maintenance Assistant. Read More

2014: The Year of DCIM


2014 is the year of DCIM – the year that DCIM will drive increasing business value for users, writes Gary Bunyan of iTRACS. And he asserts that DCIM’s that are “open” will be better to employ than those that are not. Read More