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The Hybrid Cloud Integration Challenge

The hybrid cloud offers enormous advantages for companies seeking the best of private and public clouds, writes Eddie Cole of Scribe Software. When choosing a hybrid approach, integration professionals must take four new considerations into account. Read More

Look Ma, No Fans!

Using fans to cool your data center is inefficient and adds to the heat load that must be dissipated, writes Herb Zien of LiquidCool Solutions. Data center owners and operators should want to get rid of the fans in order to increase efficiencies in their facility. Read More

Lean Data Center Operations, Calculating Resource Allocation Index

Data center managers often cringe at their data centers’ electricity bills and would appreciate a better understanding between demand and supply profiles of their data centers. A new metric was proposed in line with the philosophy of designing data centers as an integrated value chain rather than a collection of compute and infrastructure systems. Read More

Keeping the Video Streaming

The shift to social networks, networked screens, and mobile devices will push most video content to be streamed exclusively, writes Lance Smith of Primary Data. Enabling offline and mobile viewing on all of these platforms will require a number of innovations in technology. Read More