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Beating the Storage Odds in Age of Big Data


Storage vendors have spent a lot of time creating products that are based on a variety of individual architectures and protocols, writes Ambuj Goyal of IBM. Once an organization commits to one of those architectures, it’s difficult to even consider adding or transitioning to another, different, architecture. Read More

Showing IT Value through Proper Metrics


Even when IT investments are showing positive business results, how could you prove beyond any doubt, such positive impact was attributed to IT investments? asks Hani Elbeyali of Dell. Correct metrics, which are well communicated. will support your efforts and show IT’s business value. Read More

DCIM: Inside the Information Bubble


The “information bubble” — a holistic, intuitive, real-time management environment, which, both literally and figuratively, immerses you in analytics, dashboards, and management tools giving you complete command-and-control over the physical ecosystem — is like your own private operations center. Everything you need at your fingertips, Gary Bunyan of iTRACS writes. Read More

Making Robust Data Center Design Decisions

When building a data center – no matter the type – “cost” will quite likely take a high position in the overall comparison of design choices, writes Bruno Raeymaekers of Arcadis. What factors should be considered in calculating total cost of ownership and return on investment? Read More