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The Mismatch Between Virtualization and Storage


Increased adoption of virtualization in today’s data centers is uncovering the significant mismatch between the capabilities of traditional storage platforms and the specialized demands of virtualization, writes Sachin Chheda. This column discusses the different storage and virtualization challenges you should look out for when virtualizing more of your environment, and ways to eliminate their impact. Read More

IT Process Automation Poised to Grow


In a recent study conducted by Gartner, IT process automation tools are poised to make a significant impact for businesses across the globe over the next several years, writes Gabby Nizri of Ayehu Software Technologies. Different organizations will be using IT process automation in varying ways, depending on their existing setup and specific business needs. Now is the time to start thinking through what processes need automation, Read More

Preparing for Recovery: Four Strategies for Disaster Proofing Data


More than ever, robust data protection is imperative to recovery in the event of data loss. In fact, failure to safeguard company data can result in business disruption, devastating losses, and in some cases, catastrophic consequences to the business. Jarrett Potts writes about what to consider when storing data, so that your company is not impacted heavily by disaster. Read More