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Using VXLAN to Speed & Secure Your Clouds


The immense growth of IaaS cloud computing has given rise to a need for highly scalable and secure virtual networks, without requiring significant investment in replacing or adding to the existing infrastructure. One virtual overlay technology that has emerged to address this is VXLAN, writes Ariel Shuper of Mellanox Technologies. While VXLAN seems an ideal solution,there are performance challenges that must be addressed. Read More

What CFOs Need to Know


As a C-level executive with a data center (or several) in your organization, you’re undoubtedly aware that they devour electricity like small cities and that the up-front capital investment, cost of expansion or re-development is somewhere between painful and eye-watering. Matthew Goulding of Cannon Technologies looks at how a very new data center construction method allows a true incremental ‘pay-as-you-grow’ approach. Read More

Designing for Dependability in the Cloud


In striving to increase dependability, there’s cultural shifts and evolving engineering principles that Microsoft is using to help improve the dependability of services offered, writes David Bills of Microsoft. The end game is to help customers realize the full potential of the cloud. Read More

March Madness: Lessons for Networks

According to a Harris Interactive poll, 64 percent of Americans watch online video while at work. As employees flocked to watch March Madness, network administrators are focusing on new ways to withstand the increase in demand and keep business applications responsive. writes David White of Ipanema Technologies. Read More