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What Does Cloud Computing 2.0 Look Like?


Most in the tech industry have seen what defines Cloud Computing 1.0. Pete Johnson of ProfitBricks writes that while it’s better than traditional hosting, it’s still not all it could be. Not by a long shot. He explains what Cloud Computing 2.0 looks like. Read More

Analytics Re-shaping IT Operations & Gaining Strong Momentum


Dealing with this data volume, variety, velocity and complexity is really a “big data” problem for IT operations, forcing many traditional approaches in IT to change, ushering in IT Operations Analytics solutions to take on this challenge. IT Operations Analytics is better equipped to manage this kind of big data challenge. So, it is no wonder that IT Operations Analytics is gaining both industry interest and expert attention – moving IT management technology into a new S-curve growth cycle, writes Sasha Gilenson of Evolven. Read More