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Top 5 Data Center Power Monitoring Best Practices


Even if your organization is well-informed about the value of branch circuit power monitoring, and you are committed to doing it right, you might be curious about the best ways to choose and implement a power monitoring system, writes Jon Trout of TrendPoint. He outlines five best practices to follow when selecting and deploying a system. Read More

Legacy Systems: Tried and True Systems Whose Time Has Come


In an era of technology evolution and sometimes turmoil, there are unexpected islands of calm populated by extremely stable legacy hardware systems. Ironically, some of these oldest citizens of the data center also happen to be the most stable and secure, writes Duane Harris of Nemonix. The extended value these legacy systems still generate in modern computing is a story worth noting—and perhaps learning from. Read More

More Assets, More Complexity Raise the Bar for DCIM


The sheer number of computing assets we could now accommodate in the physical data center, including network devices, applications, servers and storage devices, put more pressure on the day-to-day management practicalities, writes Suvish Viswanathan. This has resulted in the need for more visibility into the data about all these assets. Read More

2014 Will Be The Year That ARM Breaks The x86 Monoculture


With the 2014 introduction of 64-bit low-power ARM SoC-based servers, we can expect to see a more diverse server market, wrties Graeme Caldwell of InterWorx. The data center industry is going to experience huge changes as low-powered servers revolutionize the way we think about data center architecture and efficiency. Read More