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2014: The Year of DCIM


2014 is the year of DCIM – the year that DCIM will drive increasing business value for users, writes Gary Bunyan of iTRACS. And he asserts that DCIM’s that are “open” will be better to employ than those that are not. Read More

Don’t Throw Out Dropbox, Not Yet


While Dropbox is great for collaboration, it does have security risks. Rather than replacing Dropbox, another layer of security can be added that would enable organizations to control which files are uploaded to Dropbox, and who has authority to share these files, writes Ronen Kenig of Safe-T. Read More

Unifying the Data Center Operations with True DCIM


If you adopt a service-oriented management focus, the goal of both management efforts is the same — to enable the optimal delivery of a service to the end user. That said, the IT and facilities management worlds should not need to operate in parallel. Instead, they need to operate as one, in a truly integrated manner, writes Suvish Viswanathan of ManageEngine. Read More

The Fruits of Innovation: Top 10 IT Trends in 2014


The changes we’re due to see in 2014 start with the way people think. A good bit of the change going on in IT is about the maturity of its business leaders and their business planning skills associated with all of those changes, writes Mark Harris of Nylte. He outlines a number of changes coming in the new calendar year. Read More

It’s That Time of Year: How to Prepare Your Data Center for 2014


How do you optimize your environment for 2014? Given the continued focus on improving computer room cooling efficiency and that the typical data center today has cooling capacity that is nearly four times the IT load, data centers could reduce their operating expense by an average of $32,000 annually simply by improving airflow management, writes Lars Strong of Upsite. Read More