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Augmenting Power Monitoring and Control at Data Centers

ASCO-Bhavesh Patel

There are several ways to boost reliability and resiliency of emergency/backup power in the face of a utility power outage. One increasingly popular trend is to install advanced power monitoring and control capabilities that take advantage of reporting from a variety of computing devices, writes Bhavesh Patel of ASCO. Read More

Data Center or Ark? How Bad Weather Causes Construction Chaos


A data center construction project must have a schedule and that schedule must allow for the fact that during a six-month construction period, you’re probably going to run into some less than optimal weather. Chris Curtis of Compass Datacenters writes about running into much more than sub-optimal weather in his latest column on the data center construction process. Read More

Software-Defined Power: The Path to Ultimate Reliability

Clems Pfeiffer Power Assure

Software-Defined Power is emerging as the solution to application-level reliability issues being caused by power problems. Software-Defined Power, like the broader Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), is about creating a layer of abstraction that makes it easier to continuously match resources with changing needs, writes Clemens Pfeiffer of Power Assure. Read More