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Andy Boyd is the Data Center Vertical Product Manager at iNET Interactive - a web-centric media company serving special interest communities through prominent online properties, events, and publications.

Successfully Planning and Executing a Data Center Migration


While a data center migration can be a daunting challenge, it also offers a great opportunity to improve and rethink your IT architecture and examine how well it meshes with your organization’s long term business strategies. Join Data Center Knowledge team for our next webinar where we discuss the issues around data center migration.
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DCK Webinar: Custom Data Center Designs

Julius Neudorfer

What’s custom and what’s commodity? Join Data Center Knowledge contributor Julius Neudorfer on Wednesday, October 30, for a special webinar in which Julius will discuss Custom Data Center Designs. Read More

DCK Webinar: Data Center Build vs. Buy


When you need data center space, do you build your own or buy space from a data center wholesale company? Join Data Center Knowledge contributor Julius Neudorfer for a webinar focused on the issues surrounding Build vs. Buy, the age-old question for many industries.Register today! Read More

Networking: Upgrading from 10GB/s to 40GB/s and Beyond


As more demands have been placed on the data center, administrators have turned to fiber solutions to help them obtain the type of LAN bandwidth that they require. In some heavy utilization instances, 10GB/s is just not enough. This is where administrators may run into the challenge of upgrading from 10GB/s to 40GB/s and beyond. CommScope can help you understand upgrading from a 10GB/s infrastructure to 40GB/s and even further if needed. Read More

DCK Webinar: Data Center Energy Efficiency


In the data center realm, maximizing the energy efficiency without impacting the reliability should be the goal of virtually every data center owner or operator. Please join Data Center Knowledge’s next webinar which will perform a deep dive into the subject of data center energy efficiency. Register today. Read More