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Reducing Data Center Risk Through Strategic Infrastructure and Maintenance Decisions

To increase efficiency and extend the lifetime of the data center, meticulous care of the arrangement and enclosure of servers and other network infrastructures in the data center is critical to its continuous performance. It’s also important to assure that appropriate cleaning, maintenance and airflow management standards are met in order to keep equipment running reliably and efficiently.

Learn about the processes that govern best practices for cleaning, airflow, flooring and asset tracking to assist in the security and longevity of IT physical assets from Data Center World speaker Randy Bishop in his upcoming session, “Reducing Data Center Risk Through Strategic Infrastructure and Maintenance Decisions.”

Some of the best practices Bishop will address, include:

  • Manufacturer standards
  • Proper personnel
  • Rack level containment
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Floor tuning and leveling
  • Zinc whisker remediation
  • Theft Prevention

Three takeaways you can expect as an attendee are:

  • There is only a very small percentage of data centers anywhere near the ‘perfect mark’. For everyone else, downtime due to environmental issues (contamination, overheating of equipment) are very real concerns. You will learn ways to both discover where the issues are and how to remedy the problems as efficiently as possible.
  • There are several types of containment options and numerous ways of addressing containment footprints in the data center. Every data center has different dynamics that can dictate the type of containment that is most useful and appropriate. There is no cookie-cutter or one-size/type/design-fits-all scenario. Computational Fluid Dynamics is one way of performing a thorough proof of concept prior to deciding on a containment solution.
  • Not all floors are created equal. There are many legacy data center floors that are too shallow for proper airflow, have zinc whiskers, or are just old and beginning to fail. Replacing these floors can be done with the equipment live, with no downtime, and without disrupting normal business procedures.

Learn about two more upcoming sessions: A Good Time to Consider Microgrids for Data Centers, and Opensource DCIM Software Project Combats Spreadsheet-based Data Center Management.

Register today for Data Center World, March 14-18, in Las Vegas.

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