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Data Center Technology Startups to Watch in 2016


Croydon, UK-based Romonet came out of stealth in 2010 with the first iteration of its data center management platform that uses predictive modeling to pinpoint what effect any particular decision about data center design or management will have on performance or the bottom line. Its key strength is analyzing information about a data center from the financial perspective.

Intel, for example, used Romonet to calculate the financial impact of raising ambient temperature in data centers. The point was to show Intel customers what kind of total cost of ownership they would get if they designed data centers to support Intel hardware at higher-than-usual ambient temperatures.

In another example, Iceotope, a company that sells immersion cooling systems for IT, used Romonet to prove the effectiveness of its technology to an investor to secure funding.

This year, the company added an element of Big Data analytics to its platform – a NoSQL-based analytics architecture that collects data from devices on the data center floor and makes predictions in near-real time about the facility’s health. The enhancement adds new day-to-day management capabilities the software didn’t provide before.

A Romonet dashboard (Source: Romonet Facebook page)

A Romonet dashboard (Source: Romonet Facebook page)

Romonet’s founders, CEO Zahl Limbuwala and CTO Liam Newcombe, were both involved in the formation of the Data Center Specialist Group within BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT (formerly known as the British Computer Society). BCS is a 50-year-old professional body that promotes study and use of communications and computing technology.

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  1. Check out Project Rhizome, as well. It provides an interesting take on what data centers could be architecturally - not something that most of us think of daily when we think of data centers, but still highly important.