What's the best caption for our cartoon of the data center guys, Kip and Gary?

Friday Funny Caption Contest: 300 Pound Gorilla

Although it’s somewhat hard to believe, the weekend is upon us again. Let’s have a little fun this Friday afternoon with a brand new Kip and Gary!

Diane Alber, the Arizona artist who created Kip and Gary, has a new cartoon for Data Center Knowledge’s cartoon caption contest. We challenge you to submit a humorous and clever caption that fits the comedic situation. Please add your entry in the comments below. Then, next week, our readers will vote for the best submission.

Here’s what Diane had to say about this week’s cartoon, “Kip and Gary knew their next colo tenant was going to be a gorilla, I’m just not sure they were expecting this!”

Congratulations to the last cartoon winner, Jon, who won with, “If I can’t work at Google, at least I can make this place look like Google!”

For more cartoons on DCK, see our Humor Channel. For more of Diane’s work, visit Kip and Gary’s website.


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  1. Colton Brown

    I think we need a new mantrap.

  2. "On hot summer days, he likes the cold refrigerated floor to keep him cool."

  3. He's the new Windows Azure mascot.

  4. So is he going to start throwing servers at us like Donkey Kong?

  5. "I said we needed some muscle - a real gorilla of a tech. I didn't think they'd take me literally."

  6. When you called Ken for Migration services, I didnt think he'd actually send over Seamus!!

  7. Jeff Johnson

    I don't understand, I thought we could virtualize everything?

  8. This is not the Amazon he was looking for

  9. We hired him to help us rack and stack our new 10 ft cabinets.

  10. Dale Stout

    He's from the New York office.

  11. Dale Stout

    Whatever happened to Dr. Zaius?

  12. Dale Stout

    I love it when corporate drops in.

  13. Greg S

    Nothing to worry about, he must be distributed over at least four tiles and the subfloor concrete is rated at 9,000 psi.

  14. I thought you said that our power utility was the "elephant" in the room...

  15. Ed

    Don't you think the new PCI security is getting a little hairy?

  16. Somebody is trying to compensate for the whale that Big Blue sent us...

  17. That's our Remote Hands and Eyes service

  18. Dale Stout

    Don't just stand there, give him a typewriter.

  19. Dale Stout

    He doesn't give a squat, either.

  20. drmrs

    He's here, because he "A"ped all his courses!