A Fortrust network operations center (Photo: Fortrust)

A Fortrust network operations center (Photo: Fortrust)

Your Operations Guide for Maximum Data Center Reliability

As you build out your infrastructure, place more users on your servers, and develop your cloud – reliability will become a serious concern. Because technology is so critical during the business process, outages can be extremely costly.

There is significant time spent in the data center industry discussing data center infrastructure design or the Tier rating of a data center. With so much focus on the critical systems infrastructure design of a data center (specifically the electrical and mechanical systems) it leaves the impression that this is the key to predicting the reliability of a data center. This way of thinking seems like a “break – fix” philosophy for data center operations. The reason to have data centers is that utilities are generally “break – fix” operations. The Tier rating of a data center is an indicator of the distribution paths, capacities, redundancies, and approximately how many planned maintenance windows the IT-end user can expect, assuming none of the maintenance is deferred. However, as the primary factor or predictor of reliability, the Tier rating alone falls short.

Here is the important point to consider: Data center reliability is the combination of many factors of which infrastructure design is only one of many.

People, processes, operations, maintenance, lifecycle, and risk mitigation strategies are also necessary in creating reliability. This eBook from Fortrust describes the strategies which work with any Tier rating and decrease the likelihood of unplanned downtime or outages in a data center.

To really gain a great understanding around maximum data center reliability, the eBook explores the following topics:

  • The Most Likely Causes of Unplanned Outages or Downtime
  • Human Error and Infrastructure Capacity Management
  • Maintenance and Lifecycle Strategy
  • Data Center Site Selection and Risk Mitigation Measures

Download this this eBook today to see how the key to preventing unplanned outages or downtime in the critical systems infrastructure is to focus the greatest amount of attention and effort on the “most likely” causes of outages. Remember, it is important to understand that not all data centers are designed the same, built the same, managed alike or operated alike. This is why following deployment, maintenance and management best practices can help with keeping your data center reliable and up.

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