What's the best caption for our cartoon of the data center guys, Kip and Gary?

Friday Funny: The Server Desk

So we are sliding into home, with the end of the work week! And that means it’s time for a cartoon by our fav data center artist, Diane Alber.

Diane writes, “Have you ever seen this??? It just started off as one server but after time It just kept growing!!!” Please add your entry for a funny caption in the comments below.

Here’s how it works: Diane Alber, the Arizona artist who created Kip and Gary, creates a cartoon and we challenge our readers to submit a humorous and clever caption that fits the comedic situation. Then, next week, our readers will vote for the best submission. The winner gets a signed cartoon print.

Congratulations to both our winners from last time. (Our first tie!) Darrell, who entered, “Perhaps it’s time to take Alan Turing, Robert Noyce, and Jon Postel off of the badge access list.” and Dan, who entered, “So they said the colo is covering lunch for the team?”, both get hearty congratulations.

For more cartoons on DCK, see our Humor Channel. For more of Diane’s work visit Kip and Gary‘s website.

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  1. If the CEO of McDonalds flips burgers once a year, and if all employees at Amazon pack boxes on December 23rd, then all employees at our colo will personally host servers from now on!

  2. Dan

    Why are you so shocked I made sure I put a fan on the floor to keep them cool...

  3. Alexzondra

    Umm....can you please relocate these servers please...

  4. Tape Gunderson

    I asked for OpenStack *based* servers so we could cancel our colo contract...

  5. Steve Twycross

    New directive just in from the CIO. Upgrade from N to 2N+1

  6. Frank Walsh

    That top one is our high availability server.

  7. Matt S

    Multiple entries... 1. Server relocation comes after coffee 2. Where's my KVM switch? 3. No, No, No...UNDER my desk !! 4. My new multi-processor virtual desktop? 5. At least all the lights are green 6. Bring me more fans. 7. Good, now put them back.

  8. Nice!! My new cloud has arrived!!! Now to find a data center to put it in!

  9. Michael Gray

    I had to start a BitCoin farm to support my coffee addiction.

  10. Density is Hot . . . don't you read the trade journals?

  11. Tony Khoury

    This is an aussie invention, an office economiser, it helps to lower our PUE while keeping us warm in winter

  12. Tony Khoury

    I'm sure they'll be OK in here, didn't you see that YouTube video with the servers in a tent

  13. Tony Khoury

    Good enough for Intel, good enough for us. This is better than a tent

  14. Dale Stout

    I love plug and play.

  15. I told you not to water the servers.

  16. Keep an eye on things, I need to run to Walmart for more power strips.