New Dashboard From TSO Logic Provides Single View of Many Metrics

Data center software specialist TSO Logic has unveiled Data Center Efficiency Console (DEC), a dashboard that provides a single view of a variety of metrics for improving operational and energy efficiency. The DEC is integrated with TSO Logic’s Application-Aware Power management solution and is enhanced by Intel’s Data Center Manager.

TSO Logic provides software for monitoring and reducing energy consumption at in-house server farms and large data centers. TSO Logic believes that although there have been advances in energy efficiency at the facility level, there is an opportunity to improve efficiency on the IT side itself that has largely been overlooked.

“I started TSO Logic knowing that there had to be a better way to collect metrics and manage energy costs,” said Aaron Rallo, Founder and CEO of TSO Logic. “The DEC is a game-changer for the data center industry because for the first time, executives will have access to the insights they need to better control their data centers power costs and energy waste. By combining our automated power control with application-level power metrics, I anticipate that we can save half or more on server power costs.”

The widget-style dashboard is shareable, and viewable across a multitude of devices. It shows detailed insight into application performance, power consumption, and operating costs. Executives can use relatable business metrics to make strategic decisions that improve overall business performance, particularly when it comes to reducing costs from energy waste.

Power is the major cost driver at the data center, often exceeding 33 percent of the total data center spend. Companies are looking for a way to understand and reduce these costs without impacting performance. The DEC presents the data that TSO logic pulls out in a very simple, easy to understand interface. It makes it ideal for the C-level suite, as well as IT staff to gain deeper understanding into operations.

“Enhanced by Intel’s Data Center Manager, TSO Logic’s DEC provides new insights into power management and costs that are specifically designed for C-level executives,” said Jeff Klaus, General Manager, Data Center Solutions at Intel Corporation. “Data center efficiency and rising power costs are a growing concern and impacting business and profitability more than ever. A tool like this speaks to executives in a language that’s meaningful and helps them to make strategic changes to improve their bottom line.”

Some key metrics include:

  • Cost per transaction
  • Power usage by power source
  • Average server utilization levels
  • Revenue per server
  • Transactions per kWh
  •  Cost per user

The company is demonstrating DEC at Interop Las Vegas, as well as using it to help run InteropNet, the conference’s best practices network. Live results are displayed at the InteropNet NOC and their booth in the New Innovators Pavilion. Results will also be posted live on TSO Logic’s website at

Dashboards have been in the spotlight recently, with Facebook open sourcing its Power and Water Usage Effectiveness Dashboard, and eBay’s Digital Services Efficiency (DSE) Dashboard. Custodian Data Centre in the UK publishes real time PUE on its website as well. People are waking up to the need to closely monitor operational and energy efficiency, and furthermore, presenting it in an easy to understand way so this data is actionable.

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