The IO.OS software provides detailed information to manage many aspects of data center operations.

Abstracting the Data Center: A look at the DCOS Platform

The Visual Layer: Immerse yourself inside of your data center with visuals, metrics and a point-of-view that’s never really been experienced before. Platforms like IO.OS leverage both physical and virtual sensors within the IT and support spaces to provide detailed, intuitive, measurement data for power delivery, energy recovery, IT equipment performance, environmental sub-systems, and even the applications running in a particular rack. Do you have a converged infrastructure? Maybe you have a highly distributed data center plane with numerous nodes. Or, maybe you’ve got a heterogeneous model containing a number of resources. Abstract it all, present it to your DCOS, and visualize your open-structure data center model. Capacity planning, resource management, workload optimization, and even user controls are now introduced directly into the data center management plane.

The Security Layer: It’s not just security. It’s about all-encompassing, data center security revolving around physical and logical components. A DCOS model must incorporate all critical resources into it security structure. This means creating security-based roles, complying with regulations and governance, creating secure data repositories, and continuously monitoring the entire data center against physical and logical advanced persistent threats (APTs). This can be DDoS or a physical breach of a data center. The point is that you have continuous, proactive, security management throughout your entire distributed data center plane.

The Virtual Data Center Layer: Find trends, analyze metrics, see critical reports, and utilize multiple layers to review everything that makes up your data center. All of this can be done from your fingertips regardless of the location. A virtualization-aware data center running DCOS immediately presents a number of new capabilities to support emerging technologies and business needs. By having control at your fingertips, literally, the time it takes for you to respond – or make intelligent decisions – is cut dramatically. IO.OS Mobility, for example, leverages the power of HTML5 and provides you with a consolidated view of your entire infrastructure, current status, measurements, historical trend graphs, warnings and alarm-filtering capabilities. Now, you have direct data center control and proactive visibility securely from any device, anytime and anywhere.

The data center model is changing rapidly. There is a drive to support more users, more technologies and a lot more cloud services. The only way to keep up is to evolve your data center and the entire control model. Resource utilization and optimizing your overall infrastructure not only create cost savings, but help keep your users and organization running optimally.

As you look at your data center model, make sure to understand just how well it’s being managed and how much intelligent visibility you really have. Having a proactive and intuitive platform control can truly allow the administrator to take their data center to the next level. Whether it’s dynamic resource provisioning, or catching problems before they arise, the future data center platform will have a powerful logical layer where both physical and logical resources are management. The idea is to create a truly scalable data center environment capable of meeting your user and business demands both today and in the future.

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