MapR Hadoop Upgrade Spins YARN, Supports HP Vertica Analytics Platform

At the O’Reilly Strata Conference in Santa Clara this week MapR Technologies announced the latest MapR Distribution including Hadoop 2.2 with YARN, an early access release for HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR, and a free Sandbox for Hadoop.

YARN in the new MapR release delivers next-generation resource management by combining flexible resource management with MapR’s data platform. By combining YARN with MapR’s read-write (R/W) POSIX data platform, MapR enables YARN-based applications to run on a Hadoop cluster and share compute resources, and also read, write and update data in the underlying distributed file system and database tables. This will allow organizations to develop and deploy a broader set of Big Data Hadoop applications. Users can also now run the Hadoop MapReduce 1.x and YARN schedulers on the same nodes in the cluster simultaneously, providing an easy and risk-free path for MapReduce 1.x users to upgrade to the new Hadoop scheduler. With this release MapR now includes  over one dozen open source projects, including Apache projects Hive, Pig, Solr, Oozie, Flume, Sqoop, HBase, and ZooKeeper.

“As YARN expands Hadoop use cases in the enterprise, the need for enterprise-grade dependability, interoperability and performance increases exponentially,” said Tomer Shiran, vice president, product management, MapR Technologies. “The combination of YARN and the MapR Data Platform delivers the only distribution for Hadoop in which both YARN and non-YARN distributed Big Data applications share the compute and storage resources of large-scale clusters.”

HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR

MapR announced the early access release of the new HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR, which provides 100 percent ANSI SQL-compliance, with advanced interactive analytic capabilities, and business intelligence (BI) and ETL tool support.

“HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR is a great example of a true Big Data architecture, where powerful analytics and SQL are tightly integrated with the full power and breadth of data in Hadoop, giving customers new insights to their business,” said Colin Mahony, VP and general manager, HP Vertica. “This combination of industry-leading platforms provides organizations with an integrated solution that increases performance and reliability with a smaller data center footprint, eliminating technology limits that often force businesses to make compromises.”

MapR also announced a free MapR Sandbox for Hadoop – a  fully-configured virtual machine installation of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop that enables users to begin exploring and experimenting with Hadoop in less than five minutes. The sandbox also includes several point-and-click tutorials for developers, analysts, and administrators.

“Hadoop is widely considered the ideal platform for handling Big Data, and the MapR Sandbox is about addressing the common challenge of Hadoop adoption,” said Tomer Shiran, vice president of product management, MapR Technologies. “Organizations face a shortage of Hadoop developers and data scientists, and without useful and easily-accessible training tools, productive Hadoop developers will continue to be in short supply. With the MapR Sandbox, developers have all the tools they need in a convenient and free package to get up to speed on Hadoop quickly.”

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