LSI Expands Oracle Exadata Systems with PCIe Flash

LSI powers Oracle Exadata X4 systems with PCIe Flash, StoneFly launches Twin Scale Out NAS appliances, and Juniper responds to a report from Elliot Management on suggestions the hedge fund made on how to improve business.

LSI expands Oracle relationship with PCIe Flash for Exadata X4 systems.  LSI announced that its Nytro flash accelerator cards have been selected as the PCIe flash acceleration technology for Oracle’s Exadata X4 Database Machine. The two companies have also collaborated on bringing a new LSI Nytro technology called Dynamic Logical Capacity (DLC) to Exadata customers. “Oracle Exadata X4 is a fully integrated and optimized database platform combining hardware and software designed from the ground up to work together to deliver maximum performance and value to customers,” said Juan Loiaza, senior vice president for Exadata systems at Oracle. “Flash-based storage is a key element of Exadata, and LSI Nytro flash accelerator cards deliver the performance and reliability that Oracle demands for Exadata. The expanded flash capacity enabled by DLC technology further enhances cost-effectiveness, raising the value we’re able to deliver customers.” Oracle selected LSI as its supplier of PCIe flash acceleration technology for Exadata systems after extensive testing and qualification processes. LSI Nytro cards deliver excellent performance, endurance and reliability in real-world production environments and applications ranging from data warehousing to online transaction processing to mixed workloads.

StoneFly launches Twin Scale Out NAS appliances.  Storage provider StoneFly unveiled its TSO “Twin Scale Out” NAS storage appliances. StoneFly TSO series appliances are designed for scaling – with up to 36 drives and 144 TeraBytes of storage per node, with a single global namespace and single file system. Content creation, transformation, production and archive, as well as unstructured data are best stored in large scale out NAS appliances like the StoneFly TSO.  TSO allows you to add server nodes on the fly as well as add CPU horsepower and storage capacity from additional TSO nodes. “TSO is the most scalable and resilient NAS in the market, utilizing the latest technology of no metadata, and establishing new storage standards in big data, media and cloud markets,” said Mo Tahmasebi, president and CEO for StoneFly.

Juniper Comments on Elliot Management filing.  After making waves with Riverbed last week, Elliot Management has turned its focus on Juniper Networks. Elliot made a 13D filing, stating that Elliot-related funds beneficially own 6.2 percent of Juniper in stock and options. The presentation said that it wants Juniper to return money to shareholders and streamline its product offering. Juniper issued a statement, saying that it “continues to deliver improved financial and operational performance as evidenced by five consecutive quarters of year-over-year revenue growth and our continued efforts to streamline the Company’s cost base.” The company said it has not discussed the report with Elliot, but intends to review it carefully. The Juniper statement continued, by saying that it believes “Juniper has an innovative and robust product portfolio and is well positioned to deliver enhanced shareholder value and we are optimistic about the growth opportunities in the key markets we serve.”

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