The Top 10 Data Center Stories of 2013

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Ubiquity Eyes Turning Sears Auto Centers into Data Centers – Sears made news again as it refined its data center strategy. Late in the year, Ubiquity Critical Environments said it is considering a concept to convert some of its Sears Auto Center stores into data centers. It is working with Schneider Electric, a leading provider of data center equipment and services, on a proposal to build and operate mission-critical facilities in a number of markets around the country.

Microsoft’s Journey: Solving Cloud Reliability With Software – Cloud service providers need to move beyond traditional reliance on complex hardware redundancy schemes and instead focus on developing more intelligent software that can monitor, anticipate, and efficiently manage the failure of physical infrastructures, writes David Gautier of Microsoft in this Industry Perspectives column. When service availability is engineered in more resilient software, there is greater opportunity to materially rethink how the physical data center is engineered.

Intel Updates Processor Roadmap for 2013 - Intel has a busy year of new processor product rollouts planned, as it continues to update its chips to take advantage of technology innovations. During her keynote at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Datacenter and Connected Systems Group, unveiled details of upcoming Intel products targeting the server, networking and storage requirements of the data center.

Countering the Threat of Cloud: IT Ops With A Service-Oriented Approach – By changing the focus away from managing server resources and adopting a Service-Oriented approach to IT Operations, IT organizations can turn the threat of cloud computing into an opportunity, while helping to deliver business innovations to their organizations, writes Vic Nyman of Bluestripe Software in this Industry Perspectives column.

The Barge Mystery: Floating Data Centers or Google Store? – The Internet loves a mystery. And the Google Barge was one of the best mysteries of the year. Prototypes of the “Google Navy” were discovered on both coasts. Were they floating data centers? Or some kind of marketing facility for Google Glass? The latest word from Google is that they are “interactive learning centers” where people can sample new technology.

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