5 Considerations Around Leasing vs Buying a Data Center

Build vs. Buy? Many administrators and data center operators are still asking this question. The reality here is that this is always going to be a bit of a challenge when the decision has to be made. The modern business continues to ask more from their IT department, while still spending less. So what is happening around the data center environment? Why are we seeing this boom in data center demand?

Well, consider these statistics:

  • 15 petabytes of new data created every day
  • 90 percent of today’s digital data created in past 2 years (IBM)
  • “By 2015, the gigabyte equivalent of all movies ever made will cross global IP networks every 5 minutes.” (Cisco)
  • People send over 145bn emails/day
  • Over 100 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 75 percent of data today is generated by individuals, but enterprises will have some liability for 80 percent of it at some point
  • 20 typical households generate more Internet traffic than the entire Internet in 2008
  • Walmart’s transaction databases see 2.5 Petabytes of data/day

Impressive, right? The truth is that these trends won’t be subsiding any time soon. As more web content is delivered to a more mobile user – the data center will have to evolve to meet these new types of demands.

In this on-demand webinar sponsored by Iron Mountain, join 451 Research and Iron Mountain as they discuss the 5 key considerations around buying or leasing a data center environment.

Topics include:

Type of environment

  • Internal vs. colocation vs. private cloud vs. hosting
  • What works  for your business requirements?

Risk of downtime

  • Different historical downtime risk for differing types of environments
  • How much downtime can you reasonably accept?

Regulatory requirements and compliance


Capacity planning – getting it wrong

  • Stranded capacity vs inadequate capacity vs equipment limitations

Capex vs. opex and other financial factors

  • Pre-payment as an option in CapEx situations
  • Partial builds for wholesale data centers
  • Servers – buy or lease or rent

Download this on-demand webinar today to learn about the demands being placed around the modern data center and where certain delivery options make sense. In working with a current and future data center infrastructure, managers must understand the TCO model between various options of DC ownership. The cost of capital can make some alternatives look very different. To create the best business and IT plan – make sure to follow these considerations around your future data center deployment.

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Bill Kleyman is a veteran, enthusiastic technologist with experience in data center design, management and deployment. His architecture work includes virtualization and cloud deployments as well as business network design and implementation. Currently, Bill works as the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at MTM Technologies, a Stamford, CT based consulting firm.

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  1. These days, data center security deployment and uptime is closely scrutinising by companies before choosing facilities and hosting services. Instead of these, now all started to prefer eco friendly green data center for their business solutions.