Improving the Reliability, Efficiency and Effectiveness of a Vintage Data Center

Today’s data center is supporting more users, more data and a lot more technologies. These platforms must be high-density, very efficiency and easy to manage. Is your organization asking you to deploy some of the latest technologies on an existing data center? Can that data center actually handle this type of workload? In many situations, vintage data center platforms simply do not have the capacity or reliability to deploy solutions around virtualization, cloud or even big data.

So what should you do? Organizations with a data center 10 years of age or older have several options, including building a new data center, putting applications in the public cloud, leasing space in a colocation facility or modernizing the existing data center. Many companies looking to make the most of previous investments choose to modernize their existing facilities, as it can often be done more cost effectively than the other options and usually yields significant improvements in reliability, efficiency and operational effectiveness.

It’s important to understand that as the data center evolve – so will the key components that support the infrastructure. This means that equipment protection, power in the rack and density levels all have to be review. This white paper from Eaton not only outlines what you’ll need to understand around your current data center model, but it will also discuss key trends and the next steps in evolving your infrastructure.

  • Relevant data center trends
  • Issues faced by vintage data center operators
  • Recommended mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) infrastructure backbone upgrades
  • Benefits of upgrading a vintage data center’s MEP infrastructure
  • Challenges of upgrading a vintage data center
  • Key steps in an optimal vintage data center upgrade

Download this white paper today to learn how aging mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) infrastructure components can affect older data centers. Furthermore, Eaton outlines a series of beneficial upgrades; and demonstrates best practices for successfully planning, implementing and testing those key renovations within your data center.

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About the Author

Bill Kleyman is a veteran, enthusiastic technologist with experience in data center design, management and deployment. His architecture work includes virtualization and cloud deployments as well as business network design and implementation. Currently, Bill works as the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at MTM Technologies, a Stamford, CT based consulting firm.

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