London Internet Exchange Enters U.S. Market With EvoSwitch in Virginia

The exterior of the data center in Manassas, Virginia where the London Internet Exchange (LINX) will open an exchange with EvoSwitch, one of the tenants.(Photo: EvoSwitch)

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is entering the U.S. market, opening a neutral interconnection service in the EvoSwitch WDC1 data center in Manassas, Virginia. The exchange says its presence at EvoSwitch is the first step in establishing a multi-site Internet exchange championing the European interconnection model, in which Internet traffic exchanges are managed by participants, rather than the colocation providers hosting the infrastructure.

The arrival of LINX fulfills a key goal for EvoSwitch, an Amsterdam-based colocation provider that entered the U.S. market roughly a year ago by leasing space in the COPT data center in Manassas. LINX says it intends to ultimately extend its infrastructure to additional data centers in northern Virginia.

Both EvoSwitch and the London Internet Exchange are aligning their effort with Open-IX, a new community effort to improve the landscape of Internet peering in the U.S. Open IX is looking to endorse data centers and Internet exchange points (IXPs) to encourage neutral, public peering. EvoSwitch and LINX expect to receive an early endorsement from Open IX, and to be the first to market in northern Virginia, one of the most fiber-dense regions in the U.S.

A Beachhead for the European Model

The new exchange introduces an approach that has thrived in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and several Asian markets. It represents an alternative to the market leadership of Equinix, whose Ashburn campus is the focal point for interconnection activity in northern Virginia. The European model has struggled to establish itself in the U.S., but EvoSwitch’s entry into the U.S. market and the emergence of the Open IX movement provide an alignment of interest and opportunity for the London Internet Exchange.

The LINX Network consists of two separate high-performance Ethernet switching platforms installed across ten locations in London, including data centers for Telehouse, Telecity, Equinix and Interxion.

“EvoSwitch approached us early November 2012 with the idea to bring the powerful IXP model that LINX represents to the USA,” said John Souter, CEO of the London Internet Exchange. “Out of those conversations, and in close collaboration with Open-IX since it was formed early 2013, we are now close to launching LINX USA in north Virginia.

“There is a strong demand for a change in the way networks interconnect across the United States,” said Souter. “Neutral, multi-site IXPs where peers are members with a clear say in running the Exchange as stakeholders, provide real choice. They add resilience in the network, reduce latency and ultimately lower the cost of exchanging Internet traffic, which in the end stimulates growth which benefits all.”

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