Friday Funny: How Remote Do You Go?

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Friday, which means it’s the end of the work week and time for the weekend — a brief respite from the daily grind. But before you take off, give us your ideas for a caption for our new Data Center Knowledge cartoon.

First, let’s congratulate reader DDayy2K for submitting “I was told you needed a wireless mouse” for the last cartoon, A Mouse in the Data Center.

For this week, Diane Alber, our favorite cartoonist, writes, “So there has been a huge trend the past couple of years of data centers being developed in the most remote locations, or “cow country”. . .only this time it looks like Kip and Gary have some unwanted guests!”

Click to enlarge graphic.

New to the caption contest? Here’s how it works: We provide the cartoon and you, our readers, submit the captions. We then choose finalists and the readers vote for their favorite funniest suggestion. The winner receives a hard copy print, with his or her caption included in the cartoon!

For the previous cartoons on DCK, see our Humor Channel. Please visit Diane’s website Kip and Gary for more of her data center humor.

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Colleen Miller is a journalist and social media specialist. She has more than two decades of writing and editing experience, with her most recent work dedicated to the online space. Colleen covers the data center industry, including topics such as modular, cloud and storage/big data.

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  1. JL

    The new methane generators have arrived.

  2. Darrell R

    When I asked you to order a cow, I meant to fix the cellphone coverage!

  3. dday

    We won the Gateway contract Sweet!

  4. physics

    The cows are doubling again, must be Moooo-re's Law.

  5. When I said, "We need a Server Farm", I didn't literally mean ON A FARM!

  6. Farmer John

    They must be from the Udder-Time Institute. Tier III here we come!

  7. Welcome to the country, but you really need to get outside more...those are cows not cats!

  8. Biogas

    Judging by that smell, we're at peak load

  9. Dave

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty......

  10. Peter C

    Old McDonald had a co-lo - EiEIO...

  11. Isabel

    Well, we're miles from the nearest store out here but at least we won't run out of milk