Unisys Offers Migration Path from RISC to Intel

Unisys (UIS) has announced a partnership with Intel (INTC) to bring to market a secure computing platform for cloud and big data workloads, while offering Unix clients a cost-effective path off legacy RISC-based platforms onto an Intel-based environment.

Set to be released later this year, the new platform will combine Unisys’ advanced secure partitioning (s-Par) with the computing and security features of Intel Xeon family processors. By bringing partitioning and other mission-critical attributes of RISC systems to an Intel x86 platform, the platform will provide a cost-efficient migration path from RISC systems running Unix applications. Industry analysts estimate that segments of the cloud computing, big data and Unix-RISC migration markets represent an aggregate market in excess of $23 billion, opening potential joint growth opportunities for Unisys and Intel over the next several years.

“Unisys has two decades of experience in bringing the power of industry-standard Intel technologies to the high-end server market,” said Ed Coleman, Unisys chairman and CEO. “Now we are combining recent innovations from the two companies to provide a powerful, compelling and cost-efficient server platform able to handle today’s most demanding applications while delivering the security, reliability, predictability and other attributes that organizations have come to expect from true mission-critical systems. It’s a powerful combination that we believe will reignite the enterprise computing market.”

Unisys will bring Intel Xeon innovations into the new platform, such as Intel integrated I/O, new Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, and Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (AES NI). Unisys and Intel will continue to collaborate on integrating additional Intel innovations into the platform.

“Intel and Unisys have a joint vision for bringing greater flexibility, simplicity and predictability to the portion of the enterprise computing segment that still uses legacy RISC-based systems today,” said Shannon Poulin, vice president of marketing, Datacenter and Connected Solutions Group at Intel Corporation. “This innovative platform capitalizes on Intel Xeon Processor breakthroughs and the largest software ecosystem advancements to give organizations a powerful new alternative away from costly, outmoded RISC systems.”


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John Rath is a veteran IT professional and regular contributor at Data Center Knowledge. He has served many roles in the data center, including support, system administration, web development and facility management.

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  1. Unisys appreciates Data Center Knowledge's attention. However, the headline of the article is misleading. It implies that Unisys is migrating our servers from a RISC to an Intel architecture. Actually, Unisys doesn't offer RISC-based systems. We currently offer only Intel Xeon-based systems and some based on our own CMOS architecture. We have been migrating our CMOS platforms to Intel processors over the last few years. This latest initiative with Intel is for a new type of platform that, along with helping clients address cloud computing and big data, will enable them to migrate application workloads from (non-Unisys) RISC systems running Unix to the new Intel processor-based platform using Unisys secure partitioning technology. "Unisys Offers Migration Path from RISC to Intel" would be a more accurate headline.

  2. Hi Brian. Thanks for your comments. We appreciate the feedback from Unisys, and have updated the headline to more accurately reflect the initiative with Intel.

  3. Thank you very much, RIch!