Friday Funny: A Mouse in the Data Center?

It’s Friday and it’s time for our weekly attempt at data center humor. This week we present a new cartoon for our Data Center Knowledge caption contest. It’s drawn by Diane Alber, our favorite data center cartoonist.

But first, hearty congratulations to Mike Sweeney for suggesting, “And when we start offering liquid cooling to the chip we’ll get a hot tub too.” This was the readers choice for the best caption for our last cartoon.

This week, we present “A Mouse in the Data Center” for your caption suggestions. See below and enter your suggestion for what the mouse is thinking.

New to the caption contest? Here’s how it works: We provide the cartoon and you, our readers, submit the captions. We then choose finalists and the readers vote for their favorite funniest suggestion. The winner receives a hard copy print, with his or her caption included in the cartoon!

mouse-stuck-470Click to enlarge.

Please visit Diane’s website Kip and Gary for more of her data center humor. For the previous cartoons on DCK, see our Humor Channel.

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Colleen Miller is a journalist and social media specialist. She has more than two decades of writing and editing experience, with her most recent work dedicated to the online space. Colleen covers the data center industry, including topics such as modular, cloud and storage/big data.

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  1. It is just the new Bio-Mouse-Bot, returning from the generator exercise lot.

  2. "I need a hole, Kip!"

  3. David Drysdale

    Now that they all have touchscreens, I'm just not welcome here!

  4. Darrell R

    But my badge access request was approved!

  5. ddayy2k

    I was told you needed a wireless mouse

  6. Hot n Cold

    "I swear I wasn't chewing on those cables...well, nibbling maybe"

  7. Now is not a good time to tell them I work for the NSA

  8. Larry Campbell

    WHY did he fill out the request for a new mouse?

  9. Anastasia

    They only advertised the man trap. No one said anything about a mouse trap.

  10. Mouse

    "So the floor tiles are NOT made of Swiss Cheese?"

  11. "Not good. I knew I should have virtualized."

  12. I should have taken the job at Disney - At least they appreciate a good mouse!

  13. Ahmed Fayad

    The doctor told me I should eat more "fiber"