Gaining More Efficiency from Power Distribution Within Data Centers

As the reliance on the modern data center continues to grow, organizations are continuously looking for ways to optimize their environments. Today’s business demands are placing new challenges on the data center infrastructure. One of those challenges revolves around supplying additional computing power while using less energy in a smaller space. Furthermore, data center managers are tasked with staying within budget constraints and maintaining mission-critical reliability.

The IT world is seeing a lot more cloud computing, more devices and a lot more consumerization. All of these new trends add a lot more reliance to the data center infrastructure. Furthermore, it creates new demands around resources. According to this white paper, ever-increasing server densities are causing an increase in kW power density, resulting in increased cooling requirements in today’s data centers. For every kW increase in power, an equal amount of cooling capacity is required. This never-ending cycle of increasing power and cooling requirements translates into more and larger power cables under the floor – stealing valuable cooling space. In this white paper from Raritan, you will learn how with an overhead bus system, there is no jungle of wires to obstruct air flow under the floor, making it one of the most energy efficient and safe power systems available in the market today.


[Image source: Raritan]

There are many benefits to moving towards an overhead track busway system. Effectively, any location in the data center can have the racks installed, moved, reconfigured or removed without affecting anything else in the space, and without risking an unplanned outage. Additionally, this white paper covers the following benefits in moving towards a track busway:

  • Creating a sustainable environment.
  • Improving scalability.
  • Creating more usable space in the data center.
  • Improved monitoring around power usage and other environmental variables.
  • Additional cost savings.
  • Creating power to spare

Download this white paper today to learn how power management solutions play a fundamental role in implementing more versatile data centers. For any organization, having a data center which can quickly evolve to address the demands and challenges of the future is a vital part of the business agility process.

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