DataBank Grows Beyond its Dallas Digital Fortress

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Here’s a photo tour of DataBank’s facilities in downtown Dallas and Richardson, Texas.


The iconic exterior of the former Federal Reserve Bank building in Dallas, which is now home to a data center complex for DataBank. Built in 1921, the building resides on a particularly reliable segment of the Dallas utility grid. (Photo: Rich Miller)


The interior of DataBank’s new North Dallas data center, featuring a data hall on the left and office space and conference rooms on the right. (Photo: DataBank)


The air handler units at the perimeter of the new data hall in the North Dallas data center. The return ducts connect to an overhead return plenum. The air is then cooled and distributed via the three-foot raised floor. (Photo: DataBank)


A wide view of the available space in the first data hall within DataBank’s North Dallas data center. Several customers are already installed. (Photo: DataBank)

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