DCK Webinar: Data Center Transformation

Data centers are more important than ever. As more organizations move towards IT consumerization, cloud computing and distributed technologies, the data center continues to play an integral role in the entire process.

What’s the Path to the Future?

You’re invited to learn more about data center transformation when IO Senior Vice President Aaron Peterson has an in-depth conversation with the Editor-in-Chief of Data Center Knowledge, Rich Miller, during the next DCK Webinar. The discussion will revolve around the increasing pace that the global demands being placed on data center providers.

Register now for the DCK Data Center Transformation Webinar on March 28 at 2 p.m EST.

There is no doubt that the cloud and data center environment will continue to evolve. Now, we have progressed from what was known as “Data Center 1.0” to a new type of platform. With more emphasis on affordability, sustainability, integrated operations and many more new functions that revolve around the data center, we are entering the era of “Data Center 2.0.”

Data Center 2.0

[Image source: IO Data Center 2.0 Manifesto]

Join the Discussion

Register for this event on March 28 to gain a greater understand of the current and future roadmap around data center transformation.  Business and executive leaders have been striving to leverage data center technologies more and more as their organizations continue to grow. In this interview and conversation, Peterson will discuss various vital topics around the existing and future data center transformation areas. This includes:

  • The predominantly static data center and its limitations.
  • The approaching crisis, a “perfect storm” on the data center horizon, made up of supply and demand constraints, which must be prioritized and transformed.
  • The technology-based, sustainable solution that is Data Center 2.0 which represents a fundamental transformation of data center DNA.

Growing technology demands will place new types of requirements around data center 2.0 environments. Join the discussion and increase your understanding of how business agility and new types of business drivers are evolving the data center.

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